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Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten Und Hygiene. Erste Abteilung Originale. Reihe B: Hygiene, Praventive Medizin

Object of the investigation is: (1) the analysis of the behaviour observed in adults between 18 and 23 years of age regarding cleanliness, body hygiene and changing of underwear,and a comparison of the results with those for 1968; (2) Differential "diagnosis" of the relationship between the degree of cleanliness and the various styles of the upbringing received at the hands of the parents, the different assessment of the personal body image and of cleanliness-related values ("cleanliness ideology").

Bergler, R.
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Annales Medico-Psychologiques

The old polynesian custom of giving a child persits. One child in three or four is asked for and adopted (Fa'a'amu). It was not officially recognized, which had no disadvantage as it was between Maoris and inside enlarged polynesian families. But quick acculturation and urbanization, social and economical changes of the past ten years have changed all that. The contradiction between french law and tahitian traditional customs exposes these fa'a'amu children, with no legal statute and without judicial protection, to many drawbacks.

Bourgeois, M.
Malarrive, J.
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Child Development

Locus of control and generosity were investigated in 3 groups of children varying in academic achievement, namely, the learning disabled, normal achieving, and gifted. 34 9- and 10-year-old males were administered in dividually the shortened Nowicki-Strickland Locus of Control Scale and a donation task. An analysis of covariance and subsequent t tests for adjusted means revealed significant differences between all the groups, with learning disabled the most, and gifted the least, externally oriented.

Fincham, F.
Barling, J.
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Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

Nursing homes represent the fastest growing component of health care expenditures, over half of which come from public funds. This paper reviews research on nursing home utilization with regard to several policy issues concerning the subsidization of long-term care by Medicaid. As a background, the paper defines and contrasts three concepts; need, demand, and utilization.

Scanlon, W. J.
Publication Title: 
Zentralblatt Fur Gynakologie

The authors have submitted a modified technique by which to treat severe cervical insufficiency in gynaecological practice, outside pregnancy. The technique may be used with generosity, since no particular technical problems are involved, and complications are ruled which may otherwise occur, when surgery is applied during pregnancy.

Elzov-Strelkov, V. I.
Smirnova, T. V.
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The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. British Volume

There are differences of opinion about the pathogenesis of Perthes' disease. All are agreed that it is due to ischaemia, but the cause of this and the size and number of infarctions are in dispute. Through the generosity of the contributors six whole femoral heads and core biopsies of five other cases have been studied radiographically and histologically. The findings ranged from an ischaemic arrest of ossification in the capital articular cartilage without infarction to multiple complete infarctions of the epiphysial bone.

Catterall, A.
Pringle, J.
Byers, P. D.
Fulford, G. E.
Kemp, H. B.
Dolman, C. L.
Bell, H. M.
McKibbin, B.
R·lis, Z.
Jensen, O. M.
Lauritzen, J.
Ponseti, I. V.
Ogden, J.
Publication Title: 
Social Science & Medicine (1982)

In 1980, drug consumption per capita was 455 Swedish crowns (SEK) in Sweden, SEK 452 in Denmark, SEK 384 in Finland and SEK 382 in Norway; actual figures for Denmark, Finland and Norway being converted into Swedish crowns using the mean 1980 exchange rates. To what extent can these differences be explained by differences in the drug reimbursement programmes of these four Nordic countries?

Lindgren, B.
Silverberg, R.
Publication Title: 
Child Development

This study evaluated whether age differences in children's generosity are due to increasing altruistic motivation or increasing susceptibility to experimenter influence strategies. 282 first, third, and fifth graders voted on how to spend a gift of money under 1 of 5 instructional sets--3 levels of experimenter influence, peer influence, or no influence, or no influence.

Zarbatany, L.
Hartmann, D. P.
Gelfand, D. M.
Publication Title: 
Revue D'epidemiologie Et De Sante Publique

The Belgian health system imposes no regulations regarding antenatal care. A special study was carried out by questionnaire in a sample of 32 maternity units representative of the French-speaking region to determine the coverage rate achieved by the health system. The study also compared the private and public sectors for rate of use, socioeconomic profile of users and regularity of antenatal care. Overall results show that despite the generosity of the system, a utilization rate of 98.8%, and a coverage rate of 84%, are reached.

Wollast, E.
Vandenbussche, P.
Buekens, P.
Publication Title: 
Zentralblatt Fur Chirurgie

Lung damage in the wake of thorax trauma has often occurred with delay. Treatment of such cases is difficult, and pulmonary failure has often been the result. Extended shock phase due to haemato-pneumothorax is one of the causes involved in this type of complication. Surgical treatment is often necessary of abdominal and thoracic injuries which occur in combination. The severity of haemorrhagic shock can be detected by early drainage of the thorax as a way of lung relief, and it will provide some safety for prolonged diagnostic and therapeutic action and for situations of obstruction.

Blum, M.
Boettcher, K.
Buchholz, B.
Kessler, B.


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