Chronic pelvic pain

Though there are myriad etiologies of CPP, common therapeutic targets include inflammation, somatic dysfunction, and psychological disturbances. Inflammation may be addressed not only with dietary changes including nutritional and botanical supplements but also with mind-body therapies. Somatic dysfunction may respond to manipulative therapies provided by osteopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, and some physical therapists. Therapists may also offer visceral, craniosacral, myofascial, and other whole-body therapies, as can highly trained massage therapists and bodyworkers. Mental health care may be key in many cases. Integrative medicine heralds the return to a sense of the human being's intrinsic capacity for healing, incorporating the vitalism of many of the therapies' origins (traditional Chinese medicine, indigenous medicine, ayurveda, osteopathy, chiropractic, etc) with the gains made by a more reductionistic tradition. Given the complexity and wide variation of etiologies and symptoms of CPP, using an integrative approach may offer expanded therapeutic solutions. We must expand our capacity to listen to each patient-with ears, eyes, mind, heart, and hands. Each treatment plan may then be tailored to the unique history and perspective that lie within the individual. Doing so requires the essential elements of time, skill, and love.

Herbert, Bettina
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Journal Article
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Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
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Altern Ther Health Med
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2010 Jan-Feb
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PMID: 20085175

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Bettina Herbert. 2010 Jan-Feb. "Chronic pelvic pain." Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 16: 1: 28-33.

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