[Cytoflavin in the treatment of patients with chronic abacterial prostatitis and erectile dysfunction]

The problem of chronic prostatitis (CP) and erectile dysfunction (ED) involves not only their high prevalence, but also the insufficient effectiveness of their treatments. In this regard, there is need for administration the pathogenetic drugs with antihypoxic, antioxidant and neuroprotective effects and improving blood flow to the genitals. The study included 60 men with CP associated with ED, aged 22 to 60 years. Patients were randomized into 2 groups of 30 people. Patients of comparison group received baseline therapy (alpha1-adrenoblockers, non-specific anti-inflammatory drugs, digital prostate massage and vacuum phallostimulation). Antibiotics were applied on the basis of their potential effectiveness in chronic abacterial prostatitis. In addition to the above treatment, patients of main group received step-down therapy with cytoflavin (in infusion, then oral administration). Positive dynamics was noted in both groups of patients; however, according to the indicators of the severity of pain and dysuria, as well as quality of life, positive dynamics in the main group of patients was more significant. Similarly, the dynamics of objective criteria for inflammation in the prostate gland was more pronounced when using cytoflavin. After treatment, the rigid phase of erection during vacuum fallotest occurred within 2-3 min from the beginning of the procedure in 16 (53.3%) patients of main group and only in 9 (30%) patients of comparison group. During follow-up examination at 6 months after treatment, stable remission was found in 75% of patients of main group. Thus, the inclusion of cytoflavin in the scheme of complex treatment of patients with abacterial CP associated with ED is pathogenetically justified, makes it more efficient and provides good DFS.

Churakov, A. A.
Kolesnikov, A. I.
Bliumberg, B. I.
Popkov, V. M.
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Journal Article
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Urologii͡a (Moscow, Russia: 1999)
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Publication Date: 
2012 Sep-Oct
Publication Year: 
64-66, 68
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NCBI Published Medical (?)
PMID: 23342619

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A. A. Churakov, A. I. Kolesnikov, B. I. Bliumberg and V. M. Popkov. 2012 Sep-Oct. "[Cytoflavin in the treatment of patients with chronic abacterial prostatitis and erectile dysfunction]." Urologii͡a (Moscow, Russia: 1999) 5: 64-66, 68.

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