Development of the Sources of Spirituality Scale

Most measures of spirituality privilege religious spirituality, but people may experience spirituality in a variety of ways, including a sense of closeness, oneness, or connection with a theistic being, the transcendent (i.e., something outside space and time), oneself, humanity, or nature. The overall purpose of the present 4 studies was to develop the Sources of Spirituality (SOS) Scale to measure these different elements of spirituality. In Study 1, we created items, had them reviewed by experts, and used data from a sample of undergraduates (N = 218) to evaluate factor structure and inform initial measurement revisions. The factor structure replicated well in another sample of undergraduates (N = 200; Study 2), and in a sample of community adults (N = 140; Study 3). In a sample of undergraduates (N = 200; Study 4), we then evaluated evidence of construct validity by examining associations between SOS Scale scores and religious commitment, positive attitudes toward the Sacred, and dispositional connection with nature. Moreover, based on latent profile analyses results, we found 5 distinct patterns of spirituality based on SOS subscales. We consider implications for therapy and relevance of the findings for models of spirituality and future research.

Davis, Don E.
Rice, Kenneth
Hook, Joshua N.
Van Tongeren, Daryl R.
DeBlaere, Cirleen
Choe, Elise
Worthington Jr., Everett L.
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Journal Article
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Journal of Counseling Psychology
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Don E. Davis, Kenneth Rice, Joshua N. Hook, Daryl R. Van Tongeren, Cirleen DeBlaere, Elise Choe and Everett L. Worthington Jr.. 2015. "Development of the Sources of Spirituality Scale." Journal of Counseling Psychology 62: 3: 503-513. 10.1037/cou0000082.

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