Effect of acute and chronic cadmium treatment on hepatic drug metabolism in male rats

The effect of acute and chronic cadmium administration on hepatic drug metabolism was investigated in the male rat. 3 days after the acute administration of cadmium by either the intraperitoneal (0.84 mg Cd/kg) or the oral (greater than 80 mg Cd/kg) route, there was a significant potentiation in duration of hexobarbital hypnosis and inhibition of hepatic microsomal metabolism of hexobarbital and aniline. Administration of cadmium in the drinking water at levels of 100 or 200 ppm Cd for periods of 2--12 weeks or at levels of 5 or 20 ppm Cd for 50 weeks did not produce alterations in either drug response or hepatitic drug metabolism. Significant levels of metallothionein, a cadmium binding protein, found in the liver of the rats receiving cadmium chronically may offer an explanation for the observed differences in drug metabolism between the acute and chronic administration of cadmium. In additional studies, pretreatment of the rats with subthreshold doses of cadmium (0.21 or 0.42 mg Cd/kg) intraperitoneally produced a tolerance to the alterations in drug metabolism induced by the previous cadmium dose (0.84 mg Cd/kg, i.p.). However, chronic cadmium treatment (5 or 20 ppm Cd for 50 weeks) did not impart any such tolerance to subsequently administered Cd (0.84 mg/kg) by the intraperitoneal route. The hepatic levels of metallothionein induced by the chronic cadmium treatment were only 30--60% of those induced by the subthreshold cadmium and thus may not have bound enough of the large challenge cadmium dose to produce the tolerance phenomenon.

Schnell, R. C.
Yuhas, E. M.
Pence, D. H.
Means, J. R.
Roberts, S. A.
Yau, E. T.
Miya, T. S.
Mennear, J. H.
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Journal Article
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Archives of Toxicology
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Arch. Toxicol.
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PMID: 581260

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R. C. Schnell, E. M. Yuhas, D. H. Pence, J. R. Means, S. A. Roberts, E. T. Yau, T. S. Miya and J. H. Mennear. 8/9/1978. "Effect of acute and chronic cadmium treatment on hepatic drug metabolism in male rats." Archives of Toxicology 40: 4: 269-277.

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