Eliminating nosocomial infections at Ascension Health

BACKGROUND: Eliminating nosocomial infections was identified as one of eight priorities for action for Ascension Health. St. John Hospital and Medical Center (SJHMC), and St. Vincent's Hospital (STV), designated alpha sites, developed best practices for the prevention of catheter-related blood stream infections (CR-BSIs) and ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), respectively. METHODS: Both hospitals used the Institute for Healthcare Improvement model of "bundles" to achieve the goal of reducing nosocomial infections and also implemented multidisciplinary rounds and the use of daily goal sheets in the intensive care unit (ICU). RESULTS: Through the use of ventilator bundle, central line (CL) bundle, MDRs, and daily goal sheets, both facilities reduced CR-BSIs and VAPs by more than 50%. DISCUSSION: SJHMC saw the benefit of having the physical presence of the ICPs in the ICUs, providing the staff with on-the-spot reinforcement of the initiative. STV found by starting the change process through the use of a flexible MDR team, the hospital was able to successfully implement positive changes in its ICU culture. On the basis of the success in the ICU, the concept of MDR teams eventually was adapted and spread to all units. Open communication among all patient caregivers was extended and served to provide improved patient care throughout the hospital.

Berriel-Cass, Dorine
Adkins, Frank W.
Jones, Polly
Fakih, Mohamad G.
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Journal Article
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Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety
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Jt Comm J Qual Patient Saf
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PMID: 17120920

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Dorine Berriel-Cass, Frank W. Adkins, Polly Jones and Mohamad G. Fakih. 2006-11. "Eliminating nosocomial infections at Ascension Health." Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety 32: 11: 612-620.

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