[Knowledge and opinions on sexuality among young French-speaking Belgians]

We shall limit ourselves to the main topics, leaving the appreciation of the questionnaire to the reader. To evaluate knowledge and opinions on sexuality in young french speaking belgian people, we have questioned : 1210 students at the University of Louvain, 773 in A1 official teaching, 819 in superior free non university teaching and 778 young people being recruted by the belgian army. The following conclusions are global. The mean vocabulary score (rated on 18) in these four samples is 13.22, 14.06, 13.57 and 6.40. This score is in students more than double than the score in young recruted people (and this phenomenon remains even if one includes only boys in higher education). The mean score (13.81) for whole students in higher education type A1 is significantly superior to the one from the University of Louvain. The score observed in official technical teaching A1 is also greater in comparison to free A1. It is also true for free A1 in comparison to the University of Louvain. The words relating to contraception are particularly misknown in the four samples. Regarding the mean score (on 38) on sexual knowledge not related to vocabulary, it is 22.61 at the University of Louvain, 22.53 in free A1 education, 23.72 in official A1 education and 18.535 in young recruted army people. The difference in mean score between official higher education and the University of Louvain is significant ; it is also significant between University of Louvain students and whole students from A1 education (mean : 23.11). There is no significant difference between the score for the University of Louvain and the one for higher free non university education. The mean score in the army, inferior to 50 %, is rather lower than the scores for the other samples, even if limited to boys. Again, questions on contraception are generally misknown. The total score (in %) is 63.98 at the University of Louvain, 64.46 in A1 free education, 67,46 in A1 official education and 44.53 in young army recruted individus. The score is about 20 % lower at the center for recruting and selecting in comparison to the other samples, even if one takes boys only. The difference between the score in A1 official education and A1 free is significant. It is also between total score (65.92) in whole students from A1 technical education and the one at the University of Louvain. It is not significant for the scores in A1 free education versus the University of Louvain. All scores in A1 official education are superior to the one for confessionnal education, even university ; the interpretation of this phenomenon is probably comparable to the influence of the variable "religion". Regarding opinions, we will only indicate that for factors expressing love (tenderness sexuality and mutual esteem) and the possible means of sexual contacts (physical pleasure, a way of expressing love and procreation) : 1...

Rucquoy, G.
Descy, J.
Bouckaert, A.
Appelmans, C.
Wauty-Dancot, M. C.
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Journal Article
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Acta Psychiatrica Belgica
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Acta Psychiatr Belg
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PMID: 1243978

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G. Rucquoy, J. Descy, A. Bouckaert, C. Appelmans and M. C. Wauty-Dancot. 1975-09. "[Knowledge and opinions on sexuality among young French-speaking Belgians]." Acta Psychiatrica Belgica 75: 5: 449-791.

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