[Long-term results of pacemaker therapy in hypersensitive carotid sinus syndrome]

131 patients received permanent pacemakers to treat their hypersensitive carotis sinus syndrome (HCSS). Prior to implantation, HCSS was diagnosed whenever spontaneous episodes of faintness or dizziness (n = 25) or syncope (n = 106) coincided with an abnormal response to carotis sinus massage (asystole greater than 3 s). 123 patients were followed for 48 +/- 27 months after implantation to assess the value of pacemaker therapy. 77% of all patients were free of initial symptoms. 90% of patients with syncope prior to pacemaker therapy were free of recurrence. Therefore, permanent pacing appears to be the treatment of choice for these patients. Since carotis sinus massage produced high-degree AV-block in at least 33% of patients, ventricular (rather than exclusive atrial) pacing seems to be mandatory. However, syncope did recur in 10% despite normal pacemaker function. The etiology of these recurrences remained unclear in almost all patients. As opposed to patients with syncope, cardiac pacing prevented symptoms in only 26% of patients with faintness or dizziness without full syncope. In these patients primary and sole pacemaker therapy does not appear to be appropriate.

Waldecker, B.
Frees, U.
Brachmann, J.
Thorspecken, R.
Kübler, W.
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Journal Article
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Zeitschrift Für Kardiologie
Journal Abbreviation: 
Z Kardiol
Publication Date: 
Jul 1989
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NCBI Published Medical (?)
PMID: 2672654

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B. Waldecker, U. Frees, J. Brachmann, R. Thorspecken and W. Kübler. Jul 1989. "[Long-term results of pacemaker therapy in hypersensitive carotid sinus syndrome]." Zeitschrift Für Kardiologie 78: 7: 453-458.

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