Relations among EEG-alpha asymmetry and positivity personality trait

The present study investigates cortical structures associated with personality dimension of positivity (POS) by using a standardized low-resolution brain electromagnetic tomography (sLORETA), which provides EEG localization measures that are independent of the recording reference. Resting EEG and self-report measures of positivity, self-esteem, life satisfaction, and optimism were collected from 51 female undergraduates. EEG was recorded across 29 scalp sites. Anterior and posterior source alpha asymmetries of cortical activation were obtained by using sLORETA. Based on previous research findings, 10 frontal and 6 parietal regions of interest (ROI) were derived. Alpha asymmetry in the posterior cingulate (i.e., BA23 and BA31) was uniquely associated with both POS scores. These areas are, hypothetically, part of a complex default-mode neural network (DMN). The activity in the DMN usually increases during tasks that invoke self-referential processing, such as responding to statements describing one's personality, attitudes, or preferences. Importantly, the cortical structures associated with POS were different from those associated with indicators. Indeed, measures of "optimism" failed to maintain a significant correlation with any of the previously significant ROI, but "self-esteem" and "life satisfaction" revealed robust associations with alpha asymmetry at the precuneus (i.e., BA7), after controlling for POS residual scores. IN CONCLUSION: Present findings support the assumption that POS is a basic disposition that reflects the concerted activity of brain structures that are essential for integrating self-referential thought and autobiographical memories and for assigning a positive valence to one's experience and attitude toward the future.

Alessandri, Guido
Caprara, Gian Vittorio
De Pascalis, Vilfredo
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Journal Article
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Brain and Cognition
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Brain Cogn
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PMID: 25956140

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Guido Alessandri, Gian Vittorio Caprara and Vilfredo De Pascalis. 2015-07. "Relations among EEG-alpha asymmetry and positivity personality trait." Brain and Cognition 97: 21-Oct. 10.1016/j.bandc.2015.04.003.

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