Serum lipoperoxides in induced and spontaneous abortions

Abortion, primarily as a measure of population control, certainly continues to be an emotional, frustrating and stressful event. In continuation of our work on stressful situations in the female life span and biochemical parameters, serum lipid peroxide levels in terms of malondialdehyde (nmol/ml) have been determined in females undergoing abortion [suction curettage (n = 30), Emcredil-induced abortion (n = 30) and spontaneous abortion (n = 40)] and were compared with appropriate gestational controls. Irrespective of the type of abortion, the serum lipid peroxide levels before abortion [mean malondialdehyde concentrations (nmol/ml): suction curettage 2.67, Emcredil-induced abortion 3.22, and spontaneous abortion 3.49] were found to be significantly elevated in comparison with those after abortion (suction curettage 1.91, Emcredil 1.97 and spontaneous abortion 1.95), indicating a maximum at peak time of stress and a minimum at the end of stress. The levels of serum lipid peroxide encountered before abortion were found to be significantly elevated in case of Emcredil-induced abortion and spontaneous abortion when compared with controls (second trimester mean levels 1.82 and first trimester 2.4) whereas the levels before suction curettage were found to be nonsignificant in comparison with controls, indicating a lesser degree of stress. It is felt that monitoring of serum lipid peroxide levels in serum and tissues (placenta), backed by scavenging enzyme superoxide dismutase, can be more helpful for corroborating safety and the risk of free radical toxicity in pregnancy and abortion.

Sane, A. S.
Chokshi, S. A.
Mishra, V. V.
Barad, D. P.
Shah, V. C.
Nagpal, S.
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Journal Article
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Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation
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Gynecol. Obstet. Invest.
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NCBI Published Medical (?)
PMID: 2071057

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A. S. Sane, S. A. Chokshi, V. V. Mishra, D. P. Barad, V. C. Shah and S. Nagpal. 1991. "Serum lipoperoxides in induced and spontaneous abortions." Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation 31: 3: 172-175.

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