Is there (sex) life after coronary bypass?

The heart has been regarded throughout history as the central core of life and emotions, of kindness and generosity, courage and grief. Cardiac disease can be overwhelming for both the patient and for the partner, and fear of death is a common and quite normal response. Sexual activity after convalescence is a valuable incentive for patients to undergo rehabilitation. Self-confidence and satisfaction can be greatly enhanced by affectionate closeness, and prolonged foreplay can be savored at any age. Sex play is relaxing and healthful whereas anxious sexual preoccupation, frustration, and avoidance may actually be greater risk factors than the mild physical effort involved for coitus or coital alternatives. Male and female patients with cardiac disease expressed regret that their primary physician, cardiologist, or surgeon had not broached the subject of sexual function before or after the acute illness. They were interested, but both patients and physicians were probably uncomfortable with explicit sexual dialogue. Some common sense reminders to post-MI and post-CABS patients about sexual function may be given verbally or in written form, together with diet and exercise instructions. These should include: a heavy meal or heavy alcohol intake before coitus should be avoided; early morning can be an ideal time for coitus or sex play; moderate room temperature is best; a comfortable sexual position can be found with experimentation; chest pain or palpitations are signals to use appropriate medications; and coital death is rare in a stable, long-standing sexual relationship.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

Renshaw, D. C.
Karstaedt, A.
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Journal Article
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Comprehensive Therapy
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Compr Ther
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PMID: 3259172

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D. C. Renshaw and A. Karstaedt. 1988-04. "Is there (sex) life after coronary bypass?." Comprehensive Therapy 14: 4: 61-66.

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