Women and minority persons

This chapter considers problems encountered by women and minority groups in pursuing academic careers. A major problem is that women and minorities are underrepresented in academia.To solve this problem, author proposes a direct, personal plan that enlists the efforts of those who are already in academia. The process should begin in the classroom, with professors who work to spark the interest of women and minority undergraduates in scholarly and research activities, who encourage them to pursue graduate study, who work diligently to improve their academic performance, and who bring professional opportunities to their attention. At a more general level, various campus committees are working to increase the representation of women and minorities. The author also discusses issues with Affirmative Action and the unique problems for women combining motherhood and work. Members of any underrepresented group are encouraged to find mentors and tap resources designed for them.

Rheingold, Harriet L.
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Book Section
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The psychologist's guide to an academic career
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1-55798-227-9 (Paperback)
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Harriet L. Rheingold. 1994. "Women and minority persons." The psychologist's guide to an academic career 107-113.

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