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Chinese Medicine

BACKGROUND: Many cancer patients seek complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) including acupuncture to manage their cancer-related symptoms or side effects of treatments. Acupuncture is used to manage cancer pain and improve quality of life (QoL). This study aimed to conduct a preliminary study on a case series to evaluate the feasibility of acupuncture for treating cancer pain and to collect preliminary data on the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating cancer pain and improving QoL.

Vinjamury, Sivarama Prasad
Li, Ju-Tzu
Hsiao, Eric
Huang, Calen
Hawk, Cheryl
Miller, Judith
Huang, Yuhong
Publication Title: 
Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine

Recently, a need to develop supportive new scientific evidence for contemporary Ayurveda has emerged. One of the research objectives is an assessment of the reliability of diagnoses and treatment. Reliability is a quantitative measure of consistency. It is a crucial issue in classification (such as prakriti classification), method development (pulse diagnosis), quality assurance for diagnosis and treatment and in the conduct of clinical studies. Several reliability studies are conducted in western medicine.

Kurande, Vrinda Hitendra
Waagepetersen, Rasmus
Toft, Egon
Prasad, Ramjee
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Cancer Prevention Research (Philadelphia, Pa.)

The transcription factor, STAT3, is associated with proliferation, survival, and metastasis of cancer cells. We investigated whether gambogic acid (GA), a xanthone derived from the resin of traditional Chinese medicine, Garcinia hanburyi (mangosteen), can regulate the STAT3 pathway, leading to suppression of growth and sensitization of cancer cells. We found that GA induced apoptosis in human multiple myeloma cells that correlated with the inhibition of both constitutive and inducible STAT3 activation.

Prasad, Sahdeo
Pandey, Manoj K.
Yadav, Vivek R.
Aggarwal, Bharat B.
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Brazilian Journal of Microbiology: [publication of the Brazilian Society for Microbiology]

Angkak (red mold rice, red yeast rice, Chinese red rice) is a traditional Chinese medicine produced by solid-state fermentation of cooked non-glutinous rice with Monascus species. The secondary metabolite of Monascus species, monacolin K /lovastatin, has been proven to lower blood lipid levels. In this study, a co-culture of Monascus purpureus MTCC 369 and Monascus ruber MTCC 1880 was used for angkak production.

Panda, Bibhu Prasad
Javed, Saleem
Ali, Mohd
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The American Journal of Cardiology

The aim of the present study was to assess the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments in outpatients with cardiovascular disease and their interest in future use. The increasing popularity of CAM therapies highlights the need to explore their use among patients with cardiovascular disease.

Prasad, Kavita
Sharma, Varun
Lackore, Kandace
Jenkins, Sarah M.
Prasad, Abhiram
Sood, Amit
Publication Title: 
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

OBJECTIVES: Chiropractic in the United States exhibits characteristics of both mainstream health care and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). The purpose of this project was to investigate the opinions of a sample of chiropractic faculty and practitioners on the appropriate classification of their profession, in terms of CAM versus mainstream. DESIGN: This was a descriptive study conducted by means of an electronically administered survey to a sample of chiropractic college faculty and practicing chiropractors.

Redwood, Daniel
Hawk, Cheryl
Cambron, Jerrilyn
Vinjamury, Sivarama Prasad
Bedard, Jennifer
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We report a case of intracranial hypotension caused by chiropractic manipulation which, in contrast to previously reported cases, documents the location of the cerebrospinal fluid leak by radionuclide cisternography. Cervical spinal manipulation produced a remote lumbar dural tear in our patient. Spinal magnetic resonance imaging may falsely localize the dural tear in this condition. Although conservative management is often sufficient, precise localization is required for more invasive therapies.

Prasad, Sashank
El-Haddad, Ghassan
Zhuang, Hongming
Khella, Sami
Publication Title: 
PloS One

Obesity is a primary risk factor for multiple metabolic disorders. Many drugs for the treatment of obesity, which mainly act through CNS as appetite suppressants, have failed during development or been removed from the market due to unacceptable adverse effects. Thus, there are very few efficacious drugs available and remains a great unmet medical need for anti-obesity drugs that increase energy expenditure by acting on peripheral tissues without severe side effects.

Yu, Xing Xian
Watts, Lynnetta M.
Manchem, Vara Prasad
Chakravarty, Kaushik
Monia, Brett P.
McCaleb, Michael L.
Bhanot, Sanjay
Publication Title: 
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

OBJECTIVES: S-Adenosyl-L-methionine (SAMe) is a dietary supplement commonly used to treat depression. SAMe facilitates dopamine and norepinephrine synthesis in the central nervous system. This study investigated the efficacy of SAMe for increasing tobacco abstinence among cigarette smokers. DESIGN: A randomized, blinded, placebo-controlled, three-arm, dose-ranging clinical trial was conducted. Subjects were randomly allocated to receive SAMe 1600 mg or 800 mg by mouth every day or a matching placebo for 8 weeks. All subjects received a behavioral smoking cessation intervention.

Sood, Amit
Prasad, Kavita
Croghan, Ivana T.
Schroeder, Darrell R.
Ehlers, Shawna L.
Ebbert, Jon O.
Publication Title: 
American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology

More than a century ago, ionizing radiation was observed to damage the radiosensitive small intestine. Although a large number of studies has since shown that radiation reduces rates of intestinal digestion and absorption of nutrients, no study has determined whether radiation affects mRNA expression and dietary regulation of nutrient transporters.

Roche, Marjolaine
Neti, Prasad V. S. V.
Kemp, Francis W.
Agrawal, Amit
Attanasio, Alicia
Douard, Véronique
Muduli, Anjali
Azzam, Edouard I.
Norkus, Edward
Brimacombe, Michael
Howell, Roger W.
Ferraris, Ronaldo P.