Abdominal Injuries

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Radiographics: A Review Publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc

Computed tomographic (CT) cystography has been advocated in lieu of conventional cystography in the initial work-up of patients with suspected urinary bladder trauma. CT cystography was applied to a classification scheme for bladder injury based on the degree of wall injury and anatomic location and demonstrated characteristic imaging features for each type of injury. In bladder contusion (type 1), findings are normal.

Vaccaro, J. P.
Brody, J. M.
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Zentralblatt Fur Chirurgie

Lung damage in the wake of thorax trauma has often occurred with delay. Treatment of such cases is difficult, and pulmonary failure has often been the result. Extended shock phase due to haemato-pneumothorax is one of the causes involved in this type of complication. Surgical treatment is often necessary of abdominal and thoracic injuries which occur in combination. The severity of haemorrhagic shock can be detected by early drainage of the thorax as a way of lung relief, and it will provide some safety for prolonged diagnostic and therapeutic action and for situations of obstruction.

Blum, M.
Boettcher, K.
Buchholz, B.
Kessler, B.
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