Abortion, Spontaneous

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Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation

Abortion, primarily as a measure of population control, certainly continues to be an emotional, frustrating and stressful event. In continuation of our work on stressful situations in the female life span and biochemical parameters, serum lipid peroxide levels in terms of malondialdehyde (nmol/ml) have been determined in females undergoing abortion [suction curettage (n = 30), Emcredil-induced abortion (n = 30) and spontaneous abortion (n = 40)] and were compared with appropriate gestational controls.

Sane, A. S.
Chokshi, S. A.
Mishra, V. V.
Barad, D. P.
Shah, V. C.
Nagpal, S.
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American Journal of Public Health

As Catholic-owned hospitals merge with or take over other facilities, they impose restrictions on reproductive health services, including abortion and contraceptive services. Our interviews with US obstetrician-gynecologists working in Catholic-owned hospitals revealed that they are also restricted in managing miscarriages. Catholic-owned hospital ethics committees denied approval of uterine evacuation while fetal heart tones were still present, forcing physicians to delay care or transport miscarrying patients to non-Catholic-owned facilities.

Freedman, Lori R.
Landy, Uta
Steinauer, Jody
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Birth (Berkeley, Calif.)

BACKGROUND: Falling consent rates for postmortems, regardless of age of death, have been widely reported in recent years. The aim of this study was to explore parental attitudes to, and decision-making about, a perinatal postmortem after termination for fetal abnormality, late miscarriage, or stillbirth. METHODS: A prospective self-completion questionnaire was given to 35 women and their partners. The participants had experienced second or third trimester pregnancy loss in a single fetal medicine and delivery unit in the United Kingdom and were making decisions about having a postmortem.

Breeze, Andrew C. G.
Statham, Helen
Hackett, Gerald A.
Jessop, Flora A.
Lees, Christoph C.
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The Practising Midwife
Reid, Joyce
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The Lancet. Infectious Diseases

BACKGROUND: The effects of malaria and its treatment in the first trimester of pregnancy remain an area of concern. We aimed to assess the outcome of malaria-exposed and malaria-unexposed first-trimester pregnancies of women from the Thai-Burmese border and compare outcomes after chloroquine-based, quinine-based, or artemisinin-based treatments. METHODS: We analysed all antenatal records of women in the first trimester of pregnancy attending Shoklo Malaria Research Unit antenatal clinics from May 12, 1986, to Oct 31, 2010.

McGready, R.
Lee, S. J.
Wiladphaingern, J.
Ashley, E. A.
Rijken, M. J.
Boel, M.
Simpson, J. A.
Paw, M. K.
Pimanpanarak, M.
Mu, Oh
Singhasivanon, P.
White, N. J.
Nosten, F. H.
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The journal of pastoral care & counseling: JPCC

The authors propose a model for different ways in which clergy of diverse denominations ritualize pregnancy loss through excerpts from 23 interviews with Chicago-area religious leaders. These clergy either do not ritualize pregnancy loss at all, adapt existing rituals, or create new ones.

Singh, Puneet
Stewart, Kearsley
Moses, Scott
Publication Title: 
Journal of Christian Nursing: A Quarterly Publication of Nurses Christian Fellowship
Deller, Kimberle S.
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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

AIM: We aim to determine the safety and effectiveness of a standard therapeutic package of Korean medicine for the treatment of unexplained infertility in a cross-section of women who sought treatment at an integrative hospital in Seoul, Korea. BACKGROUND: Infertility affects more than 1.2 million women in the United States alone. Treatment options for infertility vary, yet the barriers of invasiveness, cost, and access inhibit treatment use for many women. Alternative medical approaches exist for this indication, and sustain certain popularity.

Park, Jongbae J.
Kang, Myungja
Shin, Sangseop
Choi, Eunmi
Kwon, Sukyung
Wee, Hyosun
Nam, Bonghyun
Kaptchuk, Ted J.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology

Vitamin E supplement and pseudorabies virus (PRV) infection have a reciprocal role in influencing the maternal immune response, a key determinant of the success or failure of pregnancy. However, it remains unknown whether vitamin E supplement provides protection against PRV-induced failure of pregnancy. This study was therefore conducted to investigate the effect of dietary vitamin E level (0, 75, 375, 750 and 1,500 mg/kg) on the reproduction performance, immunity and expression of Toll-like receptors (TLRs) of PRV-challenged mice.

Wu, De
Luo, Xiao-lin
Lin, Yan
Fang, Zheng-feng
Luo, Xiao-rong
Xu, Hai-Tao
Zeng, Wenxian
Publication Title: 
Canadian Medical Association Journal


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