Africa, Northern

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Conscience (Washington, D.C.)
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The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease: The Official Journal of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

SETTING: The Northern Cape province, Republic of South Africa. OBJECTIVES: To explore factors that motivate lay volunteers to join tuberculosis (TB) control programmes in high burden but resource-limited settings. DESIGN: A qualitative study consisting of three focus group discussions and a documentary review of the records of 347 lay volunteers involved in the tuberculosis programme in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Additional data were also collected in a cross-sectional study that involved questionnaire interviews with 135 lay volunteers.

Kironde, S.
Klaasen, S.
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Homeopathy: The Journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy

Health is a fundamental human right which contributes to reducing poverty, and encourages social development, human safety, and economic growth. International initiatives have fallen far short of their goals. This paper describes collaboration between the region of Tuscany and Cuba, Western Sahara, Senegal and Serbia. These have introduced various forms of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, including homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine into primary healthcare particularly obstetrics, and into veterinary medicine.

Rossi, Elio
Di Stefano, Mariella
Baccetti, Sonia
Firenzuoli, Fabio
Verdone, Marco
Facchini, Mario
Stambolovich, Vuk
Viña, Martha Perez
Caldés, Maria José
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Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine

BACKGROUND: The Ethnobotanical Collection from the Libyan territories of the botanist Alessandro Trotter is included in the Oratio Comes Botanical Museum at the Faculty of Agraria at the University Federico II in Naples. Trotter explored different territories of Libya, mainly Tripolitania, between 1912-1924, collecting plant specimens and the drugs most frequently sold in the markets. The Libyan herbarium currently includes over 2300 sheets of mounted and accessioned plants.

De Natale, Antonino
Pollio, Antonino
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