Alkylating Agents

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Cancer Research

C57BL/6J mice carrying the Min allele of Adenomatous polyposis coli (Apc) develop numerous adenomas along the entire length of the intestine and consequently die at an early age. This short lifespan would prevent the accumulation of somatic genetic mutations or epigenetic alterations necessary for tumor progression. To overcome this limitation, we generated F(1) Apc(Min/+) hybrids by crossing C57BR/cdcJ and SWR/J females to C57BL/6J Apc(Min/+) males. These hybrids developed few intestinal tumors and often lived longer than 1 year.

Halberg, Richard B.
Waggoner, Jesse
Rasmussen, Kristen
White, Alanna
Clipson, Linda
Prunuske, Amy J.
Bacher, Jeffery W.
Sullivan, Ruth
Washington, Mary Kay
Pitot, Henry C.
Petrini, John H. J.
Albertson, Donna G.
Dove, William F.
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Cancer Prevention Research (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Limiting energy availability via diet or physical activity has health benefits; however, it is not known whether these interventions have similar effects on the development of cancer. Two questions were addressed as follows: (i) Does limiting energy availability by increasing physical activity have the same effect on mammary carcinogenesis as limiting caloric intake? and (ii) Are host systemic factors, implicated as risk biomarkers for breast cancer, similarly affected by these interventions?

Zhu, Zongjian
Jiang, Weiqin
Zacher, Jarrod H.
Neil, Elizabeth S.
McGinley, John N.
Thompson, Henry J.
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The chromosomal composition of micronuclei (MN) induced by the model mutagens mitomycin (MMC) and colchicine (COL) as well as by acrylamide (AA) and the traditional Chinese medicine Tripterygium hypoglaucum (level) hutch (THH) in NIH 3T3 cells was analyzed by multicolor fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) using DNA probes for the centromere repeated minor satellite DNA and the telomeric hexamer repeat (TTAGGG). The majority of MN (78.6%) from treatment with MMC (0.1 microg/ml) did not show centromeric signals, reflecting the clastogenic action of MMC.

Jie, Y. M.
Jia, C.
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