Ambulatory Care Facilities

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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to describe patients who seek treatment at an acupuncture and Oriental medicine teaching clinic in the United States, and to systematically measure and describe patients' responses after treatment using a prospective study design. DESIGN: This is a prospective survey of clinic patients at intake and one month following the initial treatment. SETTINGS AND LOCATION: Data were collected in an acupuncture and Oriental medicine teaching clinic located in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Maiers, Michele
McKenzie, Eileen
Evans, Roni
McKenzie, Mark
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Acta Medica Academica

OBJECTIVE: To analyze organization and therapeutic procedures administered in tertiary outpatient pain clinics in Croatia. METHODS: Data about organization of pain clinics, its personnel, equipment, continuing medical education, therapeutic procedures, research activities and relations with pharmaceutical industry were collected using questionnaires. RESULTS: Twenty-two Croatian pain clinics were included in the study. Most of the pain clinics employ exclusively anesthesiologists and nurses.

Fidahi?, Mahir
Dogan, Katarina
Sapunar, Damir
Puljak, Livia
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Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology

Older, sedentary, urban-living, ethnic minority women are at high risk for preventable disease, but it is difficult to engage this population in health promotion efforts. This study tested two methods of engaging Hispanic and African American women, who were at high risk for cardiovascular disease, in a 10-week aerobic fitness program. The program was offered to 76 participants, in either a women's health clinic or a church. Attendance was the primary dependent variable and was recorded at each exercise session.

Dornelas, Ellen A.
Stepnowski, Roxanne R.
Fischer, Edward H.
Thompson, Paul D.
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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

Exclusionary practices in dominant market-based systems are recognized as contributing to global health inequities. Undocumented immigrants are particularly vulnerable to unequal access to healthcare. Humanitarian NGOs strive to respond meaningfully to these health inequities among migrants and undocumented immigrants. Few studies describe the work of humanitarian NGOs that advocate for the right to health of undocumented immigrants in high-income countries.

Tiedje, Kristina
Plevak, David J.
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Issues in Mental Health Nursing

The concept of resiliency has been explored extensively in the fields of developmental psychology as an adaptive life process. Increasingly nurses have begun to study resiliency in a wide variety of settings and client populations. This article explores the concept of resiliency in nurses. Resiliency was described through the use of personal exemplar, tracing the author's odyssey of nursing homeless men in an emergency shelter. The author proposes that the traits of resiliency in nurses are widespread and largely unrecognized.

McGee, Eileen M.
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BMC health services research

BACKGROUND: Patient experience is a key quality outcome for modern health services, but most existing survey methods are long and setting-specific. We identified the need for a short generic questionnaire for tracking patient experience. METHODS: We describe the development and validation of the howRwe questionnaire. This has two items relating to clinical care (treat you kindly; listen and explain) and two items relating to the organisation of care (see you promptly; well organised) as perceived by patients. Each item has four responses (excellent, good, fair and poor).

Benson, Tim
Potts, Henry W. W.
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American Journal of Preventive Medicine

BACKGROUND: In 1975, a national network of hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) was created to increase access to healthcare services for individuals with hemophilia. Studies demonstrate that care in HTCs improves outcomes and reduces costs. PURPOSE: The objective of the study was to assess the association of demographic, insurance, and clinical characteristics with self-reported barriers to HTC utilization. METHODS: Data were collected from six HTCs from 2005 through 2007. Adult participants and parents of children aged <18 years were interviewed.

Zhou, Zheng-Yi
Riske, Brenda
Forsberg, Ann D.
Ullman, Megan
Baker, Judith R.
Koerper, Marion A.
Curtis, Randall G.
Lou, Mimi
Joanne, Wu
Johnson, Kathleen A.
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Tropical Doctor

Altruism on the part of doctors and other health workers may help make health services affordable for the poor, but the altruistic contribution of doctors who are nationals of developing countries has largely been ignored. This paper describes the results of two related surveys carried out between February and April 2001 to determine the characteristics of indigenous charitable clinics in Patan, Nepal, and the attitudes of the Nepali health professionals who work in them. In 2001, 33 Nepali health professionals were working without payment in 13 charitable clinics in Patan.

Allaby, Martin A. K.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine

Though altruism and patient advocacy are promoted in medical education curricula, students are given few opportunities to develop these skills. Student-run clinics focusing on the health needs of the underserved can provide important health services to needy patients while providing students with career-influencing primary care experiences. The Columbia-Harlem Homeless Medical Partnership (CHHMP)-a project initiated by medical students to provide primary care to Northern Manhattan's homeless population-serves as a new model of service learning in medical education.

Batra, Priya
Chertok, Judy Sara
Fisher, Carl Erik
Manseau, Marc William
Manuelli, Victoria Nicole
Spears, James
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The Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

BACKGROUND: Tobacco smoking is the most important preventable cause of many adverse pregnancy outcomes. Some women continue to smoke during pregnancy although the harmful effects are evident. AIMS: To characterise pregnant smokers and to understand their smoking behaviours and preferences for smoking cessation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Pregnant women (?18 years) attending the antenatal clinics of two large Victorian maternity hospitals completed a prepiloted questionnaire which included items regarding socio-demographics, smoking habits and attitudes towards quitting.

Hoekzema, Laura
Werumeus Buning, Annabel
Bonevski, Billie
Wolke, Lisa
Wong, Swee
Drinkwater, Paul
Stewart, Kay
George, Johnson


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