Amino Acid Oxidoreductases

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American Journal of Physiology. Heart and Circulatory Physiology

Metabolic syndrome (MetS) represents an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Although its individual components adversely affect cardiac structure and function, the extent to which multiple components of MetS affect the cardiac extracellular matrix (ECM) has not been well characterized. Lysyl oxidase (LOX) is one of the cardiac ECM-modifying enzymes that catalyze the formation of collagen cross-linking. Our objective was to define the effect of diet-induced MetS on the LOX enzyme.

Zibadi, Sherma
Vazquez, Randy
Moore, Derek
Larson, Douglas F.
Watson, Ronald R.
Publication Title: 
Journal of AOAC International

Bt brinjal event EE-1 with cry1Ac gene, expressing insecticidal protein against fruit and shoot borer, is the first genetically modified food crop in the pipeline for commercialization in India. Qualitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) along with event-specific conventional as well as real-time PCR methods to characterize the event EE-1 is reported.

Randhawa, Gurinder Jit
Sharma, Ruchi
Singh, Monika
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