Animals, Newborn

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World journal of gastroenterology: WJG

AIM: To observe the analgesic effects of moxibustion in rats with chronic visceral hyperalgesia and its influence on the concentration of dynorphin (Dyn) and endomorphin (EM) in spinal cord. METHODS: The rat model of chronic visceral hyperalgesia was established by colorectal distention (CRD). In moxibustion (MX) group, moxibustion was applied once daily for 7 d; in sham moxibustion (SM) group, moxibustion was given to the same acupoints but with the non-smoldered end of the moxa stick. Model control (MC) group and normal control group were also studied.

Liu, Hui-Rong
Qi, Li
Wu, Lu-Yi
Ma, Xiao-Peng
Qin, Xiu-Di
Huang, Wen-Yan
Dong, Ming
Wu, Huan-Gan


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