Antigens, CD3

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BACKGROUND: Regulatory T cells (Tregs) are potentially prognostic indicators in patients with glioblastoma. If differences in frequency of Tregs in tumor or blood account for substantial variation in patient survival, then reliably measuring Tregs may enhance treatment selection and improve outcomes. METHODS: We measured Tregs and CD3+ T cells in tumors and blood from 25 patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma.

Thomas, Alissa A.
Fisher, Jan L.
Rahme, Gilbert J.
Hampton, Thomas H.
Baron, Udo
Olek, Sven
Schwachula, Tim
Rhodes, C. Harker
Gui, Jiang
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Tsongalis, Gregory J.
Lefferts, Joel A.
Wishart, Heather
Kleen, Jonathan
Miller, Michael
Whipple, Chery A.
de Abreu, Francine B.
Ernstoff, Marc S.
Fadul, Camilo E.
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International journal of STD & AIDS

Patients were recruited for hypnotherapy from a clinic for patients with frequently recurrent genital herpes simplex virus (rgHSV). Psychological and immunological parameters were measured 6 weeks prior to hypnotherapy and 6 weeks afterwards, during which time each patient kept a diary of symptoms of rgHSV. Following hypnotherapy there was a significant overall reduction in the number of reported episodes of rgHSV, accompanied by an increase in the numbers of CD3 and CD8 lymphocytes, which may represent a non specific effect of hypnosis.

Fox, P. A.
Henderson, D. C.
Barton, S. E.
Champion, A. J.
Rollin, M. S.
Catalan, J.
McCormack, S. M.
Gruzelier, J.
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British Journal of Pharmacology

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Artemisinin and its derivatives exhibit potent immunosuppressive activity. The purpose of the current study was to examine the immunosuppressive activity of artemether directly on T lymphocytes and to explore its potential mode of action. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH: In vitro, T-cell proliferation was measured using [(3)H]-thymidine incorporation assay in cells stimulated with ConA, alloantigen and anti-CD3 antibody. CFSE-labeled cell division and cell cycle distribution were monitored by flow cytometry.

Wang, J.-X.
Tang, W.
Shi, L.-P.
Wan, J.
Zhou, R.
Ni, J.
Fu, Y.-F.
Yang, Y.-F.
Li, Y.
Zuo, J.-P.
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BACKGROUND: Obesity is associated with chronic inflammation, which includes increased macrophage accumulation in adipose tissue (AT) and upregulation of chemokines and cytokines. T cells also play important roles in chronic inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerosis but have not been well studied in obesity. METHODS AND RESULTS: Flow cytometric analysis showed higher numbers of T cells and macrophages in AT of diet-induced obese insulin-resistant male mice than in lean mice and obese females (P<0.05).

Wu, Huaizhu
Ghosh, Sudip
Perrard, Xiaoyuan Dai
Feng, Lili
Garcia, Gabriela E.
Perrard, Jerry L.
Sweeney, John F.
Peterson, Leif E.
Chan, Lawrence
Smith, C. Wayne
Ballantyne, Christie M.
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Cellular Immunology

Accumulating evidences support that CD4(+)CD25(high) T regulatory (Treg) cells play an essential role in controlling and preventing autoimmunity. Paradoxically, RA patients have elevated numbers of circulating CD4(+)CD25(high) T cells, however, the inflammation is still ongoing. Further identification of these CD4(+)CD25(high) T cells may contribute to a better understanding of underlying mechanisms. We show here that these CD4(+)CD25(high) T cells were composed of CD4(+)CD25(high)FoxP3(+) Treg cells and activated CD4(+)CD25(high)FoxP3(-) effector cells.

Han, Guang Ming
O'Neil-Andersen, Nancy J.
Zurier, Robert B.
Lawrence, David A.
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Autoimmunity Reviews

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is characterized by abnormal T cell activation and death, processes which are crucially dependent on the controlled production of reactive oxygen intermediates (ROI) and of ATP in mitochondria. The mitochondrial transmembrane potential (Deltapsi(m)) has conclusively emerged as a critical checkpoint of ATP synthesis and cell death.

Fernandez, David
Perl, Andras
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Cancer Prevention Research (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Light in the UVB spectrum (280-320 nm) induces a number of changes in the epidermis and dermis of mice and humans, resulting in a robust inflammatory response. A standardized black raspberry extract (BRE) has been effective in reducing signaling pathways commonly initiated by inflammatory stimuli. In this study, we determined whether this extract could reduce cutaneous UVB-induced inflammation and carcinogenesis. In our carcinogenesis model, female SKH-1 hairless mice were exposed to one minimal erythemal dose of UVB thrice weekly on nonconsecutive days for 25 weeks.

Duncan, F. J.
Martin, Jason R.
Wulff, Brian C.
Stoner, Gary D.
Tober, Kathleen L.
Oberyszyn, Tatiana M.
Kusewitt, Donna F.
Van Buskirk, Anne M.
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PloS One

Glycyrrhizin, an abundant bioactive component of the medicinal licorice root is rapidly metabolized by gut commensal bacteria into 18β-glycyrrhetinic acid (GRA). Either or both of these compounds have been shown to have antiviral, anti-hepatotoxic, anti-ulcerative, anti-tumor, anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory activity in vitro or in vivo. In this study, the ability of GRA to modulate immune responses at the small intestinal mucosa when delivered orally was investigated.

Hendricks, Jay M.
Hoffman, Carol
Pascual, David W.
Hardy, Michele E.
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Cancer immunology, immunotherapy: CII

Polysaccharide K (PSK) is a widely used mushroom extract that has shown anti-tumor and immunomodulatory effects in both preclinical and clinical studies. Therefore, it is important to understand the mechanism of actions of PSK. We recently reported that PSK can activate toll-like receptor 2 and enhances the function of NK cells. The current study was undertaken to study the effect of PSK on gamma delta (γδ) T cells, another important arm of the innate immunity.

Inatsuka, Carol
Yang, Yi
Gad, Ekram
Rastetter, Lauren
Disis, Mary L.
Lu, Hailing
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Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao = Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the immuno-modulatory effect of short course administration of somatostatin (stilamin) continuously at early stage in patients with severe acute pancreatitis (SAP). METHODS: Thirty-nine patients with SAP (22 men, 17 women; the middle age was 49 years)were randomly allocated into control group (20 patients treated with non-surgical integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine) and treatment group (19 patients treated with somatostatin administered intravenously at a dosage of 250 mug/h for consecutive 72 hours as well as the treatment for the control group).

Tang, Wen-Fu
Wan, Mei-Hua
Zhu, Lin
Chen, Guang-yuan
Xia, Qing
Huang, Xi


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