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The Annals of Pharmacotherapy

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of gabapentin for the treatment of uremic pruritus (UP). DATA SOURCES: Literature retrieval was accessed through MEDLINE (1950-March week 3, 2008; In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations, April 1, 2008) and International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (1970-March 2008) using the terms gabapentin, pruritus, itch, urem$ (truncated), dialysis, and kidney disease. The Google Scholar search engine was used to identify articles that MEDLINE did not capture with the described search terms.

Vila, Tania
Gommer, Jennifer
Scates, Ann C.
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Pruritus can be divided into several categories: pruritoceptive, neurogenic, neuropathic, and psychogenic. Neuropathic itch is caused by lesions of afferent neural pathways. Psychogenic itch is secondary to primary psychiatric disorders. Both of these types of pruritus present with no evidence of primary cutaneous lesions. The presentation of both conditions can be confusing and patients with no primary cutaneous lesions can be prematurely diagnosed as having a psychiatric disorder.

Tuerk, Melanie J.
Koo, John
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The Journal of Family Practice

Emollients are effective first-line treatment to decrease symptoms of eczema and reduce the need to use steroids in children. Tar preparations work, but compliance may be limited. Gamma-linoleic acid preparations, borage oil, and evening primrose oil show efficacy in small studies. MAS063DP cream (Atopiclair) is effective. Chamomile and bathing in acidic hot spring water may be effective, but these treatments have not been adequately evaluated. Wet wrap dressings may be effective but increase the risk of skin infections.

Yates, Jennifer E.
Phifer, Jennifer B.
Flake, Donna
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Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin

A 35% EtOH extract of the fruits of Chaenomeles sinensis, long utilized as a folk medicine for cough, significantly inhibited the pruritogenic agent compound 48/80 (COM)-induced scratching behavior in mice. Antipruritic activity-guided fractionation and purification yielded active quercetin, apigenin, and catechin derivatives, which exhibited significant inhibitory effects on COM-induced scratching behavior. To the best of our knowledge, apigenin (5), apigenin 7-glucronide (6), and apigenin 4'-methoxy-7-glucronide (acacetin 7-glucronide) (7) were isolated from the fruits of C.

Oku, Hisae
Ueda, Yoshimi
Ishiguro, Kyoko
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