Apolipoproteins C

Publication Title: 
PLoS biology

Alteration of single genes involved in nutrient and lipoprotein metabolism increases longevity in several animal models. Because exceptional longevity in humans is familial, it is likely that polymorphisms in genes favorably influence certain phenotypes and increase the likelihood of exceptional longevity. A group of Ashkenazi Jewish centenarians (n = 213), their offspring (n = 216), and an age-matched Ashkenazi control group (n = 258) were genotyped for 66 polymorphisms in 36 candidate genes related to cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Atzmon, Gil
Rincon, Marielisa
Schechter, Clyde B.
Shuldiner, Alan R.
Lipton, Richard B.
Bergman, Aviv
Barzilai, Nir
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