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Revista EspaÒola De CardiologÌa

We carried out a multicenter cross-sectional study in Argentina to investigate the prevalence of behavioral and other risk factors for coronary heart disease in patients aged 90 years or more and to study the association between risk factors and longevity. Data were collected on 322 individuals aged 90 years or more, 47% of whom had a family history of longevity. The majority ate meals comprising mainly fruit, milk and vegetables every day and half of the participants drank a moderate amount of red wine.

Paterno, Carlos A.
Cornelio, Cecilia I.
GimÈnez, Juan C.
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Conscience (Washington, D.C.)
Alanis, M.
Sippel, S.
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Reproductive Health Matters

In Argentina, campaigns for the recognition of sexual and reproductive rights have sparked opposition through litigation in which the dynamics of legal action have come from self-proclaimed "pro-life" NGOs, particularly since 1998, when the conservative NGO Portal de BelÈn successfully achieved the banning of emergency contraception through the courts.

PeÒas Defago, MarÌa AngÈlica
Mor·n Fa˙ndes, JosÈ Manuel
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Journal of Homosexuality

Asserting that gay male identity exists in the unstable frontier between culturally-defined notions of femininity and masculinity, this paper makes a close reading of the recent film Apartment Zero. This reading highlights the paradoxically aggressive and loving contest over the signs or trophies of masculinity--ranging from a soldier's cape to the phallus itself--which characterizes both homosocial and homosexual relations among men.

Joselit, D.
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Psychological Reports

This study assessed how many motivational factors were required to explain scores for prosocial behavior, as measured by the Spanish version of the prosocial tendencies measure. A sample of 472 middle class children and adolescents, both sexes, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, completed the prosocial tendencies measure. This instrument presents prosocial behavior in six types: altruistic, compliant, emotional, public, anonymous, and dire. However, there is evidence that there should be a valid four-factor solution.

Richaud, MarÌa C.
Mesurado, BelÈn
Cortada, Ana Kohan
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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

In many low- and middle-income countries blood donations per capita are substantially lower than in advanced economies. In these countries blood supply is mostly collected through directed donations from relatives and friends to individuals needing transfusions or to replace blood used in emergencies. The World Health Organization considers this method of blood supply inefficient compared to undirected voluntary donations.

Iajya, Victor
Lacetera, Nicola
Macis, Mario
Slonim, Robert
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The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
Gubel, I.
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American journal of health promotion: AJHP

PURPOSE: To design, implement, and examine the psychoneuroendocrine responses of three different types of stress management programs. DESIGN: Randomly assigned. A pre/post experimental design comparing variables between three different programs and a control group. The first program included training in deep breathing, relaxation response, meditation, and guided imagery techniques (RRGI). The second program included training in cognitive behavioral techniques (CB). The third program included both RRGI and CB (RRGICB). SETTING: The study was conducted at Buenos Aires University.

Iglesias, Silvia L.
Azzara, Sergio
Argibay, Juan Carlos
Arnaiz, María Lores
de Valle Carpineta, María
Granchetti, Hugo
Lagomarsino, Eduardo
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Complementary Therapies in Medicine

OBJECTIVES: To determine whether tango dancing is as effective as mindfulness meditation in reducing symptoms of psychological stress, anxiety and depression, and in promoting well-being. DESIGN: This study employed analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) and multiple regression analysis. PARTICIPANTS: Ninety-seven people with self-declared depression were randomised into tango dance or mindfulness meditation classes, or to control/waiting-list. SETTING: classes were conducted in a venue suitable for both activities in the metropolitan area of Sydney, Australia.

Pinniger, Rosa
Brown, Rhonda F.
Thorsteinsson, Einar B.
McKinley, Patricia
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Movement Disorders: Official Journal of the Movement Disorder Society

We interviewed 300 patients (54.7% male; mean age was 65.8 ± 9.5) attending the Movement Disorders Clinic at the Buenos Aires University Hospital to determine the prevalence of CATs use and their association with demographic, social, or disease-specific characteristics among patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We found that 25.7% of the PD patients interviewed (77/300) stated they had used CATs to improve their PD symptoms whereas 38.0% (114/300) had used some CATs without any relation to PD, at least once in life.

Pecci, Cristina
Rivas, Maria J.
Moretti, Carolina M.
Raina, Gabriela
Ramirez, Carlos Zúñiga
Díaz, Sergio
Uribe Roca, Claudia
Micheli, Federico E.


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