Arthritis, Rheumatoid

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The American Journal of Occupational Therapy: Official Publication of the American Occupational Therapy Association

OBJECTIVE: We reviewed the efficacy of occupational therapy-related interventions for adults with rheumatoid arthritis. METHOD: We examined 51 Level I studies (19 physical activity, 32 psychoeducational) published 2000-2014 and identified from five databases. Interventions that focused solely on the upper or lower extremities were not included. RESULTS: Findings related to key outcomes (activities of daily living, ability, pain, fatigue, depression, self-efficacy, disease symptoms) are presented. Strong evidence supports the use of aerobic exercise, resistive exercise, and aquatic therapy.

Siegel, Patricia
Tencza, Melissa
Apodaca, Beverly
Poole, Janet L.
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Rheumatology (Oxford, England)

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the quality of evidence and the strength of recommendation for yoga as an ancillary intervention in rheumatic diseases. METHODS: Medline/PubMed, Scopus, the Cochrane Library and IndMED were searched through February 2013. Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) comparing yoga with control interventions in patients with rheumatic diseases were included. Two authors independently assessed the risk of bias using the Cochrane Back Review Group risk of bias tool.

Cramer, Holger
Lauche, Romy
Langhorst, Jost
Dobos, Gustav
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Rheumatology (Oxford, England)

OBJECTIVE: To critically review the evidence on the effectiveness of complementary therapies for patients with RA. METHODS: Randomized controlled trials, published in English up to May 2011, were identified using systematic searches of bibliographic databases and searching of reference lists. Information was extracted on outcomes and statistical significance in comparison with alternative treatments and reported side effects. The methodological quality of the identified studies was determined using the Jadad scoring system.

Macfarlane, Gary J.
Paudyal, Priya
Doherty, Michael
Ernst, Edzard
Lewith, George
MacPherson, Hugh
Sim, Julius
Jones, Gareth T.
Arthritis Research UK Working Group on Complementary and Alternative Therapies for the Management of the Rheumatic Diseases
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International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases

AIM: To identify the psychological interventions for which there is consistent, high quality evidence of efficacy in the treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHOD: A computer-aided search and manual screening of identified papers was conducted. Randomised controlled trials published in English in peer-reviewed journals, assessing the use of psychological interventions in adult patients with RA were included. RESULTS: Thirty-four papers published between 1981 and 2009 encompassing 31 studies with 2021 patients were included.

Dissanayake, Rukmal Kumari
Bertouch, James V.
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Zeitschrift Fur Rheumatologie

BACKGROUND: In addition to pharmacotherapy and patient education, guiding patients to an optimal psychological coping with the disease is part of a comprehensive management. Data on the effectivity of the numerous psychosocial interventions are sparse and the outcome parameters are not well-defined. AIM: Introduction and differentiation of cognitive behavioral and mindfulness-based interventions offered to patients with rheumatoid arthritis with the target of improving resilience.

Graninger, M.
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The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

For many years Western Medicine has considered the immune system to be separate and independent from the central nervous system. However, significant scientific advances and research discoveries that occurred during the past 50 years have presented additional facts that the immune system does interact with the central nervous system with mutual influence. This article provides a systematic review of the literature on the connection between the brain and the immune system and its clinical implications.

Torem, Moshe S.
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Use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for chronic conditions has increased in recent years. CAM is immensely popular for musculoskeletal conditions and patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) frequently try CAM. This review summarises the trial data for or against CAM as a symptomatic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Collectively the evidence demonstrates that some CAM modalities show significant promise, e.g. acupuncture, diets, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, massage, supplements.

Sarzi-Puttini, P.
Atzeni, F.
Lubrano, E.
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Rheumatic Diseases Clinics of North America

Despite a growing interest in uncovering the basic mechanisms of arthritis, medical treatment remains symptomatic. Current medical treatments do not consistently halt the long-term progression of these diseases, and surgery may still be needed to restore mechanical function in large joints. Patients with rheumatic syndromes often seek alternative therapies, with homeopathy being one of the most frequent. Homeopathy is one of the most frequently used complementary therapies worldwide.

Jonas, W. B.
Linde, K.
Ramirez, G.
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Clinical Therapeutics

BACKGROUND: Clinically relevant drug-drug interactions (DDIs) must be recognized in a timely manner and managed appropriately to prevent adverse drug reactions or therapeutic failure. Because the evidence for most DDIs is based on case reports or poorly documented clinical information, there is a need for better assessment of their clinical relevance.

van Roon, Eric N.
van den Bemt, Patricia M. L. A.
Jansen, Tim L. Th A.
Houtman, Nella M.
van de Laar, Mart A. F. J.
Brouwers, Jacobus R. B. J.
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Rheumatology (Oxford, England)

The objective of this systematic review is to evaluate data from controlled clinical trials testing the effectiveness of tai chi for treating rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Systematic searches were conducted on Medline, Pubmed, AMED, British Nursing Index, CINAHL, EMBASE, PsycInfo, The Cochrane Library 2007, Issue 1, the UK National Research Register and, Korean medical databases, Qigong and Energy Medicine Database and Chinese databases up to January 2007. Hand-searches included conference proceedings and our own files.

Lee, M. S.
Pittler, M. H.
Ernst, E.


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