Arthropod Vectors

Publication Title: 
PLoS neglected tropical diseases

BACKGROUND: Fever in pregnancy is dangerous for both mother and foetus. In the 1980's malaria was the leading cause of death in pregnant women in refugee camps on the Thai-Burmese border. Artemisinin combination therapy has significantly reduced the incidence of malaria in the population. The remaining causes of fever in pregnancy are not well documented. METHODOLOGY: Pregnant women attending antenatal care, where weekly screening for malaria is routine, were invited to have a comprehensive clinical and laboratory screen if they had fever.

McGready, Rose
Ashley, Elizabeth A.
Wuthiekanun, Vanaporn
Tan, Saw Oo
Pimanpanarak, Mupawjay
Viladpai-Nguen, Samuel Jacher
Jesadapanpong, Wilarat
Blacksell, Stuart D.
Peacock, Sharon J.
Paris, Daniel H.
Day, Nicholas P.
Singhasivanon, Pratap
White, Nicholas J.
Nosten, François
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