Artificial Organs

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ASAIO journal (American Society for Artificial Internal Organs: 1992)

Psychiatric assessment of potential volunteers for hazardous biomedical experimentation should include an assessment of the motivations underlying the altruistic action of volunteering. Screening goals include evaluation of informed consent as well as screening out experimental subjects who would be likely to be psychologically harmed by participation.

Seelig, B. J.
Dobelle, W. H.
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Archives of Sexual Behavior

Research on the treatments of premature ejaculation and psychogenic impotence is reviewed. Problems with the existing definitions of these disorders are discussed. The studies are reviewed under seven major headings: depth therapies, behavior therapies, hypnosis, drug therapy, mechanotherapy, reeducative and supportive therapies, and extensive retraining programs. Most of the studies were case reports.

Kilmann, P. R.
Auerbach, R.
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