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Journal of Clinical Psychology

A questionnaire that pertains to sexual attitudes and behaviors, family relationships, and marihuana usage was administered to 358 undergraduates at Wichita State University. A factor analysis performed upon the results yielded 12 factors related to sexual behavior: (1) Liberal vs. Conservative Attitudes; (2) Age-Experience; (3) Symbolic Sexual Preoccupation; (4) Romantic Love vs. Cynicism; (5) Experience-linked Drug Effects; (6) Affectual Dependence; (7) Mature Satisfaction; (8) Conservative vs. Liberal Sexual Practices; (9) High vs.

Burdsal, C.
Greenberg, G.
Bell, M.
Reynolds, S.
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The International Journal of Social Psychiatry

This article is an account of an incident at a special school, involving a pupil, a young teacher, and two senior members of staff. The article offers some reflections and conclusions on the special challenges to be faced when making relationships with the young. Reference is made to Winnicott, Lomas, Bridgeland et al, in suggesting connections between the insights and skills of both therapy and of teaching.

Harrison, B.
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This study examines the relationships between the bonding style of an incarcerated adolescent with parents and his/her current feelings of self-esteem, hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts and attempts. It also investigates differences between bonding to mother and bonding to father. Some 296 incarcerated adolescents were interviewed using the Parental Bonding Instrument. Significant relationships were found between youths' self-esteem, hoplessness, and suicidal behavior and their bonding style.

McGarvey, E. L.
Kryzhanovskaya, L. A.
Koopman, C.
Waite, D.
Canterbury, R. J.
Publication Title: 
Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin

Dominance is a key feature on which romantic partners are evaluated, yet there is no clear consensus on its definition. In Study 1 (N=305), the authors developed scales to measure three putatively distinct dimensions of dominance: social, financial, and physical. In Study 2 (N=308), the authors used their scales in a mate-selection paradigm and found that women perceived physical dominance to be related to both attractiveness and social dominance.

Bryan, Angela D.
Webster, Gregory D.
Mahaffey, Amanda L.
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International Journal of Psychology: Journal International De Psychologie

The excellent academic performance among East-Asian students has drawn international attention from educators and psychologists. However, the process that underlies student academic achievement for this particular group has rarely been documented. The present study examines how the relation between perceived parental involvement and Taiwanese students' academic achievement is mediated by student academic beliefs (i.e., beliefs about effort, academic self-concept, and perceived control). The study further explores whether this mediating effect varies with types of filial piety.

Chen, Wei-Wen
Ho, Hsiu-Zu
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Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin

The authors investigated whether students who selectively volunteer for a study of prison life possess dispositions associated with behaving abusively. Students were recruited for a psychological study of prison life using a virtually identical newspaper ad as used in the Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE; Haney, Banks & Zimbardo, 1973) or for a psychological study, an identical ad minus the words of prison life.

Carnahan, Thomas
McFarland, Sam
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Recenti Progressi in Medicina

The risk of loss of essential elements of our professionalism, such as sense of duty, altruism and collegiality, contributes to the difficulties in the interplay between health services administration, health professionals and patients. It is not enough to increase salaries or change organization models. It is also insufficient a generic reference to the values of our profession, but it is mandatory to overcome the self-referencing attitude of health professions.

Del Puente, Antonio
Esposito, Antonella
Lombardi, Vinicio
Bova, Aldo
Zecca, Roberto
Torella, Roberto
Publication Title: 
Journal of Abnormal Psychology
McConkey, K.
Sheehan, P. W.
Publication Title: 
Brazilian Dental Journal

The purpose of this study was to assess differences in the management techniques used by Israeli female and male pediatric dentists. All 112 participants of the meeting of the Israeli Society of Dentistry for Children that was held in February 1999 received a questionnaire which sought information regarding age, sex, behavioral and pharmacological methods used to treat children, having a course in nitrous oxide, general anesthesia, and feelings towards pediatric patients. No differences between female and male dentists were found regarding most management techniques.

Peretz, Benjamin
Glaicher, Hagit
Ram, Diana
Publication Title: 
Journal of family psychology: JFP: journal of the Division of Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association (Division 43)

Sudanese unaccompanied minors were separated from their parents in childhood and lived apart from their families in refugee camps for close to a decade before being resettled in the United States. This phenomenological study examines the refugees' experiences of living in American foster families after living in peer groups in the camps. Interviews with 18 young adults, 7 years after resettlement, revealed that nearly all of the youth struggled with parental authority initially, and nearly half of them changed placements because of relationship difficulties with their foster parents.

Luster, Tom
Saltarelli, Andrew J.
Rana, Meenal
Qin, Desiree B.
Bates, Laura
Burdick, Katherine
Baird, Diane
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