Bacterial Typing Techniques

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Systematic and Applied Microbiology

Five Gram-negative, rod-shaped, non-spore-forming bacteria were isolated from galls on different plant species in Hungary: strain 39/7(T) from Prunus cerasifera Myrobalan, strain 0 from grapevine var. Ezerjó, strain 7/1 from raspberry var. Findus and in Poland, strain C3.4.1 from Colt rootstock (Prunus avium × Prunus pseudocerasus) and strain CP17.2.2 from Prunus avium. Only one of these isolates, strain 0, is able to cause crown gall on different plant species.

Pu?awska, Joanna
Willems, Anne
De Meyer, Sofie E.
Süle, Sandor
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BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Helicobacter pylori colonises the stomach in half of all humans, and is the principal cause of gastric cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide. While gastric cancer rates correlate with H pylori prevalence in some areas, there are regions where infection is nearly universal, but rates of gastric cancer are low. In the case of Colombia, there is a 25-fold increase in gastric cancer rate in the Andean mountain (high risk) region compared to the coastal (low risk) region, despite similarly high (∼90%) prevalence of H pylori in the two locations.

de Sablet, Thibaut
Piazuelo, M. Blanca
Shaffer, Carrie L.
Schneider, Barbara G.
Asim, Mohammad
Chaturvedi, Rupesh
Bravo, Luis E.
Sicinschi, Liviu A.
Delgado, Alberto G.
Mera, Robertino M.
Israel, Dawn A.
Romero-Gallo, Judith
Peek, Richard M.
Cover, Timothy L.
Correa, Pelayo
Wilson, Keith T.
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