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Bulletin Et Memoires De l'Academie Royale De Medecine De Belgique

At a time when scientists support Evidence-Based Medicine, the Parliament of Belgium has recently decided to recognize four alternative medicines, among which homeopathy. Whereas this discipline does not rely on any scientific basis, it appears to be popular, especially in general practice. The homeopaths have recently taken arguments from a meta-analysis published in 1997 in the Lancet of 89 placebo-controlled trials. This study indeed concluded that the results are not compatible with the hypothesis that the clinical effects of homeopathy are completely due to placebo.

Scheen, A.
Lefèbvre, P.
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International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health

Cannabis consumption is on the rise in the French-speaking Community of Belgium, especially among teenagers. The physical and mental harms related to that drug prompted us to search for factors associated with cannabis consumption. The aim of this paper is thus to identify a series of potential predictors of teenager's cannabis use and particularly the influence of peer and family integration. The data analyzed were taken from the 1998 data bank "Health Behavior in School-Aged Children", an international quantitative cross-national study, which takes place every four years.

Kohn, Laurence
Kittel, France
Piette, Danielle
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Christian Bioethics

In this article, the place and the nature of an ethical dialogue that develops within Christian healthcare institutions in Flanders, Belgium is examined. More specifically, the question is asked how Christian healthcare institutions should position themselves ethically in a context of a pluralistic society. The profile developed by Caritas Catholica Flanders must take seriously not only the external pluralistic context of our society and the internal pluralistic worldviews by personnel/employees and patients, but also the inherent inspiration of a Christian healthcare institution.

Gastmans, Chris
Van Neste, Fernand
Schotsmans, Paul
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Acta Psychiatrica Belgica

We shall limit ourselves to the main topics, leaving the appreciation of the questionnaire to the reader. To evaluate knowledge and opinions on sexuality in young french speaking belgian people, we have questioned : 1210 students at the University of Louvain, 773 in A1 official teaching, 819 in superior free non university teaching and 778 young people being recruted by the belgian army. The following conclusions are global. The mean vocabulary score (rated on 18) in these four samples is 13.22, 14.06, 13.57 and 6.40.

Rucquoy, G.
Descy, J.
Bouckaert, A.
Appelmans, C.
Wauty-Dancot, M. C.
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Clinical Transplantation

BACKGROUND: Belgian politicians submitted a proposal to rescind the law on anonymity of organ donation and transplantation and facilitate contact between donor families and recipients. It remains uncertain if recipients support this proposal. METHODOLOGY: One liver transplant patient organization (n = 176/249) answered and provided comments on two questions: (i) how satisfied are you with the current principle of anonymity of the identity of the donor and (ii) the law about anonymity should be changed to allow the donor family and the patient to meet.

Dobbels, Fabienne
Van Gelder, Frank
Remans, Kathleen
Verkinderen, Ann
Peeters, Jos
Pirenne, Jacques
Nevens, Frederik
Publication Title: 
Journal of Advanced Nursing

AIM: To acquire insight into the onset and meaning of transgressive behaviour from the perspective of nurses. BACKGROUND: Patient aggression towards healthcare providers occurs frequently. Nurses in particular are at risk of encountering aggressive or transgressive behaviour due to the nature, duration and intensity of relationships with patients. This study analysed nurse perspectives with regard to the onset and meaning of transgressive patient behaviour in a general hospital setting. DESIGN: Qualitative research according to the grounded theory method.

Vandecasteele, Tina
Debyser, Bart
Van Hecke, Ann
De Backer, Tineke
Beeckman, Dimitri
Verhaeghe, Sofie
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Revue D'epidemiologie Et De Sante Publique

The Belgian health system imposes no regulations regarding antenatal care. A special study was carried out by questionnaire in a sample of 32 maternity units representative of the French-speaking region to determine the coverage rate achieved by the health system. The study also compared the private and public sectors for rate of use, socioeconomic profile of users and regularity of antenatal care. Overall results show that despite the generosity of the system, a utilization rate of 98.8%, and a coverage rate of 84%, are reached.

Wollast, E.
Vandenbussche, P.
Buekens, P.
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Medicine and Law

In this article we will examine the relation between physicians and (representatives of) the pharmaceutical industry. More in particular we want to discuss the appropriateness of some of the gifts that are given to physicians by companies in the pharmaceutical (and medical equipment) industry, since there has been growing concern about the potential negative consequences of these so-called 'gift-giving practices'.

Desmet, Christophe
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Journal of Nursing Management

AIM: To identify the features young nurses look for in their job (job motives) and the features they look for in work in general (work values). BACKGROUND: In view of the shortage of appropriately educated and motivated nurses, a study of the motivational profile of the new generation nurses may provide additional insights. METHOD: In a survey, 344 newly graduate Belgian nurses were questioned. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: Results indicate that many of the traditional attractions are still important, with the recurrent issue of altruism.

De Cooman, Rein
De Gieter, Sara
Pepermans, Roland
Du Bois, Cindy
Caers, Ralf
Jegers, Marc
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The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry

Psychoanalysis does not always take moral greatness as a given, a fact attributed by Horney to Freud's view of psychology as a natural science. The French psychiatrist Henri Baruk, however, attempts to bridge the gap between normative and empirical considerations by proposing a model based on the Biblical concept of tsedek, a Hebrew term for altruism coupled with a strong sense of justice. Those who possessed these qualities, Baruk argued, had a more highly developed sense of Self and Other.

Griffin, Anne
Lefer, Jay


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