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International Journal of Aging & Human Development

Biblical writers generally viewed old age as a reward for righteousness and piety. Consequently, they stressed the belief that the elderly were blessed and that they should be venerated. While life expectancy was usually below forty years, there are exceptional cases on record of individuals--men and women--living to advanced old ages. An analysis of these special few cases and a discussion of extra-Biblical texts shows that other ancient Middle Eastern societies held attitudes toward aging and the aged comparable to those expressed in the Hebrew Bible.

Arnett, W. S.
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Global Public Health

The Casa Fonte Colombo (CFC) is a religious organisation that assists people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). The funding for its activities comes from public sources such as the Brazilian National STD/AIDS Program as well as the Catholic Church. Capuchin (Franciscan) priests run the CFC and it has an extensive group of volunteers made up mostly of women. Between 2006 and 2009, we observed daily life at the CFC and interviewed priests, volunteers, employees, service providers, and clients. We also attended meetings, group sessions, and celebrations.

Seffner, Fernando
Garcia, Jonathan
MuÒoz-Laboy, Miguel
Parker, Richard
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The British Journal of Medical Psychology

A comparison of the life story of a psychotherapy patient to that of biblical Samson reveals that both men suffer from a behavioural disturbance, manifested in the compulsion to re-enact the experience of betrayal by women, followed by destructive attacks of rage against others, and ultimately against their own tormented selves. The author tracks the origin of repetition compulsion to its proposed psychobiological foundations of attachment-formation and its development.

Kutz, I.
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Przeglad Lekarski

The article presents different aspects of the connection between human heart and kidneys. This connection is evident in the symbolism of the Old Testament of the Bible, organ donation as the manifestation of the love of our neighbor, endocrinological and sexual dysfunction, and finally in searching for biological determinants of finer feelings. In the Old Testament tradition kidneys were thought to be human spirit's dwelling. Moreover, the simultaneous studying of kidneys and heart meant profound understanding of the matter.

Marczewski, Krzysztof
Sawicka, Agnieszka
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This study of different figures of amorous transport through numerous 17th-century works, in particular Jacques Ferrand's treatise, emphasises how the genesis of melancholy is closely linked to Genesis. Every lover is a new Adam. Lost in the other and hallucinating, the melancholic is as if transported, and in his melancholy delirium images seem flesh and blood. The loss of his centre of gravity means that he is in danger of losing his unity and the very status of the species he belongs to, his body being on the verge of becoming a corpse.

Gabriel, FrÈdÈric
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The journal of pastoral care & counseling: JPCC

The author examines biblical characters who challenged the justice of God. He contends that these lamenters laid the foundation for the rabbinic tradition of chutzpah. They freely faced God with their disillusionment and anger. Their intimacy with the Divine is exemplary. The author acknowledges the ambiguities of God's response to despair and contextualizes lament in the case of a woman who has been sexually abused and seeks pastoral guidance. This article integrates exegesis and theology with theories of anger and intimacy.

Leaman, Mel
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Journal of Religion and Health

This article will address the devastating psychological and social effects due to the loss of one's primary love-object, namely God in the case of faith communities and religious individuals. By using Melanie Klein's Object Relations Theory (Klein in Envy and gratitude and other works 1946/1963. The Free Press, New York, 1975a) as a way to enter the text of Lamentations, I will articulate an alternative reading that can serve as a model for Pastors and Educators to use when walking with individuals and communities through unspeakable losses.

Houck-Loomis, Tiffany
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Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy

This is an ethnographic study exploring the role of emotion, images, and sacred texts in the spiritual reflection of non-chaplaincy health care professionals who offer spiritual care to their patients. Purposeful sampling of 20 health care professionals was employed. These non-chaplaincy professionals were interviewed and the researchers also kept field notes on the cultures in which they worked. Both interviews and field notes were transcribed and analyzed using the constant comparative method of data analysis.

O'Connor, Thomas St James
Chow, Mike
Meakes, Elizabeth
Young, Janet
Payne, Gary
Rivera, Myrta
MacGregor, Laura
Howitt, Janet
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Psychological Science

Violent people often claim that God sanctions their actions. In two studies, participants read a violent passage said to come from either the Bible or an ancient scroll. For half the participants, the passage said that God sanctioned the violence. Next, participants competed with an ostensible partner on a task in which the winner could blast the loser with loud noise through headphones (the aggression measure). Study 1 involved Brigham Young University students; 99% believed in God and in the Bible.

Bushman, Brad J.
Ridge, Robert D.
Das, Enny
Key, Colin W.
Busath, Gregory L.
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Christian Nurse International
Folta, R.


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