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PloS One

The traditional view on dietary restriction has been challenged with regard to extending lifespan of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. This is because studies have shown that changing the balance of dietary components without reduction of dietary intake can increase lifespan, suggesting that nutrient composition other than dietary restriction play a pivotal role in regulation of longevity. However, this opinion has not been reflected in yeast aging studies.

Wu, Ziyun
Liu, Shao Quan
Huang, Dejian
Publication Title: 
The Science of the Total Environment

The defense hypothesis is commonly used to explain the adaptive role of metal hyperaccumulation. We tested this hypothesis using two Brassicaceae congeneric species: Alyssum pintodasilvae, a Ni hyperaccumulator, and the non-accumulator Alyssum simplex both growing on serpentine soils in Portugal. Artificial diet disks amended with powdered leaves from each plant species were used to compare the performance (mortality, biomass change) and feeding behavior of Tribolium castaneum in no-choice and choice tests. The performance of T. castaneum was not affected at several concentrations of A.

Vilas Boas, Liliana
GonÁalves, Susana C.
Portugal, AntÛnio
Freitas, Helena
GonÁalves, M. Teresa
Publication Title: 
Annals of Botany

BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The resurgence of malaria, particularly in the developing world, is considerable and exacerbated by the development of single-gene multi-drug resistances to chemicals such as chloroquinone. Drug therapies, as recommended by the World Health Organization, now include the use of antimalarial compounds derived from Artemisia annua--in particular, the use of artemisinin-based ingredients. Despite our limited knowledge of its mode of action or biosynthesis there is a need to secure a supply and enhance yields of artemisinin.

Davies, Michael J.
Atkinson, Christopher J.
Burns, Corrinne
Woolley, Jack G.
Hipps, Neil A.
Arroo, Randolph R. J.
Dungey, Nigel
Robinson, Trevor
Brown, Paul
Flockart, Ian
Hill, Colin
Smith, Lydia
Bentley, Steven
Publication Title: 
Plant Cell Reports

KEY MESSAGE : Rooting of Artemisia annua increases trichome size on leaves and helps drive the final steps of the biosynthesis of the sesquiterpene antimalarial drug, artemisinin. Artemisia annua produces the antimalarial drug, artemisinin (AN), which is synthesized and stored in glandular trichomes (GLTs). In vitro-grown A. annua shoots produce more AN when they form roots.

Nguyen, Khanhvan T.
Towler, Melissa J.
Weathers, Pamela J.
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PloS One

Artemisia annua is an important medicinal crop used for the production of the anti-malarial compound artemisinin. In order to assist in the production of affordable high quality artemisinin we have carried out an A. annua breeding programme aimed at improving artemisinin concentration and biomass. Here we report on a combining ability analysis of a diallel cross to identify robust parental lines for hybrid breeding. The parental lines were selected based on a range of phenotypic traits to encourage heterosis.

Townsend, Theresa
Segura, Vincent
Chigeza, Godfree
Penfield, Teresa
Rae, Anne
Harvey, David
Bowles, Dianna
Graham, Ian A.
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Sweet-scented geranium (Pelargonium graveolens L'H�r), a plant belonging to the Geraniaceae family, has medicinal and aromatic properties and is widely used in the cosmetic, soap, perfume, aromatherapy, and food industries. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of fertilization and the use of different colors of plastic mulch on sweet-scented geranium biomass and essential oil.

Silva, Anderson de Carvalho
Blank, Arie Fitzgerald
dos Santos, Wallace Melo
Prata, Paloma Santana
Alves, P�ricles Barreto
Arrigoni-Blank, Maria de F�tima
Publication Title: 
World Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), an integral component of Indian Ayurvedic medicine system, is facing a threat of extinction owing to the depletion of its natural populations. The present study investigates the prospective of exploitation of halotolerant plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) in utilising the salt stressed soils for cultivation of B. monnieri. The effects of two salt tolerant PGPR, Bacillus pumilus (STR2) and Exiguobacterium oxidotolerans (STR36) on the growth and content of bacoside-A, an important pharmaceutical compound in B.

Bharti, Nidhi
Yadav, Deepti
Barnawal, Deepti
Maji, Deepamala
Kalra, Alok
Publication Title: 
Caries Research

Cranberry crude extracts, in various vehicles, have shown inhibitory effects on the formation of oral biofilms in vitro. The presence of proanthocyanidins (PAC) in cranberry extracts has been linked to biological activities against specific virulence attributes of Streptococcus mutans, e.g. the inhibition of glucosyltransferase (Gtf) activity. The aim of the present study was to determine the influence of a highly purified and chemically defined cranberry PAC fraction on S.

Koo, H.
Duarte, S.
Murata, R. M.
Scott-Anne, K.
Gregoire, S.
Watson, G. E.
Singh, A. P.
Vorsa, N.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Zhejiang University. Science. B

Anoectochilus formosanus, commonly known as "Jewel Orchid", is a Chinese folk medicine used to treat hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. The existence of A. formosanus is currently threatened by habitat loss, human and animal consumption, etc. The highly potent medicinal activity of A. formosanus is due to its secondary metabolites, especially kinsenosides and flavonoids. This orchid also has a unique mycorrhizal relationship.

Zhang, Fu-sheng
Lv, Ya-li
Zhao, Yue
Guo, Shun-xing
Publication Title: 
PloS One

Traditional Chinese medicine relies heavily on herbs, yet there is no information on how these herb plants would respond to climate change. In order to gain insight into such response, we studied the effect of elevated [CO2] on Isatis indigotica Fort, one of the most popular Chinese herb plants. The changes in leaf photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence, leaf ultrastructure and biomass yield in response to elevated [CO2] (550±19 µmol mol(-1)) were determined at the Free-Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment (FACE) experimental facility in North China. Photosynthetic ability of I.

Hao, Xingyu
Li, Ping
Feng, Yongxiang
Han, Xue
Gao, Ji
Lin, Erda
Han, Yuanhuai


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