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Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy

Many opinions and ideas about aging exist. Biological theories have taken hold of the popular and scientific imagination as potential answers to a "cure" for aging. However, it is not clear what exactly is being cured or whether aging could be classified as a disease. Some scientists are convinced that aging will be biologically alterable and that the human lifespan will be vastly extendable.

Marshall, Jennifer
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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

Some researchers in the field of ageing claim that significant extension of the human lifespan will be possible in the near future. While many of these researchers have assumed that the community will welcome this technology, there has been very little research on community attitudes to life extension. This paper presents the results of an in-depth qualitative study of community attitudes to life extension across age groups and religious boundaries.

Underwood, Mair
Bartlett, Helen P.
Partridge, Brad
Lucke, Jayne
Hall, Wayne D.
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Swiss Medical Weekly

The potential for development of biomedical technologies capable of extending the human lifespan raises at least two kinds of question that it is important both to distinguish and to connect with one another: scientific, factual questions regarding the feasibility of life extension interventions; and questions concerning the ethical issues related to the extension of life- and healthspans. This paper provides an account of some life extension interventions considered to be amongst the most promising, and presents the ethical questions raised by the prospect of their pursuit.

Barazzetti, Gaia
Reichlin, Massimo
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The American Surgeon

The objective was to examine the economic, ethical, and legal foundations for conflict of interest restrictions between physicians and pharmaceutical and medical device industries ("industry"). Recently academic medical centers and professional organizations have adopted policies that restrict permissible interactions between industry and physicians. The motive is to avoid financial conflicts of interest that compromise core values of altruism and fiduciary relationships.

Nakayama, Don K.
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During its career in North American social sciences and anthropology since the late 1960s the concept of 'biomedicine' acquired a large variety of meanings, sometimes even contradictory ones. Originating in research on biological and medical phenomena in technical areas like nuclear weapons, space flight, informatics or engineering, the term 'biomedical' entered politics and the social sciences, especially medical anthropology.

Bruchhausen, Walter
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Medical Teacher

BACKGROUND: Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is a whole-curriculum concept. AIM: This study aimed to compare learning preferences and strategies between physical therapy students taught by PBL and those receiving conventional lectures on massage therapy, trauma physical therapy, and electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, and thermotherapy. METHODS: This quasi-experimental study included 182 male and female students on physical therapy diploma courses at three universities in Andalusia (Spain).

Castro-Sánchez, Adelaida M.
Aguilar-Ferrándiz, María Encarnación M. E.
Matarán-Peñarrocha, Guillermo A. Ga
Iglesias-Alonso, Alberto A.
Fernández-Fernández, Maria Jesus M. J.
Moreno-Lorenzo, Carmen C.
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Australian Journal of Primary Health

This paper reports on an investigation into five risk prevention factors (technology, people, organisational structure, culture and top management psychology) to inform organisational preparedness planning and to update managers on the state of health care services. Data were collected by means of a 10-question, cross-sectional survey of key decision-making executives in eight different types of 75 health care organisations. Many organisations were found to have deficient risk prevention practices and allied health organisations were considerably worse than health organisations.

Canyon, Deon V.
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