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Der Unfallchirurg

Tendinopathy in the region of the knee joint is a common pathological disorder. People active in sports, in particular, have a high probability of suffering from tendinopathy. Despite its high clinical relevance, the level of evidence of therapy options for tendinopathy in the knee region differs greatly. This review gives an overview of current evidence levels for therapy options in tendinopathy of the quadriceps, patellar and pes anserinus insertion tendons as well as of the distal iliotibial tract tendon.

Horstmann, H.
Clausen, J. D.
Krettek, C.
Weber-Spickschen, T. S.
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Psychiatric Medicine

The Colorado program to treat hemophiliacs using hypnosis has been described. Those using hypnosis have realized a reduction in the need for transfusions, which results in a decrease in the development of inhibitors, less potential exposure to the AIDS virus and a lower incidence of liver and kidney damage. A decrease in the frequency and severity of bleeding episodes results in less morbidity and better coping in the face of HIV infection. Self-hypnosis has provided many bleeders with increased feelings of control and confidence and improved the quality of their lives.

LaBaw, W.
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BACKGROUND: Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) remains one of the leading causes of maternal morbidity and mortality worldwide, although the lack of a precise definition precludes accurate data of the absolute prevalence of PPH. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: An international expert panel in obstetrics, gynecology, hematology, transfusion, and anesthesiology undertook a comprehensive review of the literature. At a meeting in November 2011, the panel agreed on a definition of severe PPH that would identify those women who were at a high risk of adverse clinical outcomes.

Abdul-Kadir, Rezan
McLintock, Claire
Ducloy, Anne-Sophie
El-Refaey, Hazem
England, Adrian
Federici, Augusto B.
Grotegut, Chad A.
Halimeh, Susan
Herman, Jay H.
Hofer, Stefan
James, Andra H.
Kouides, Peter A.
Paidas, Michael J.
Peyvandi, Flora
Winikoff, Rochelle
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