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British Medical Journal

Six patients with various forms of leukaemia had neurological signs and symptoms associated with an extremely high white blood cell count and increased whole blood (but not plasma) viscosity. All were treated by leucapheresis with an Aminco Celltrifuge. Rapid and complete reversal of all symptoms occurred in three patients and partial recovery in one. One patient died shortly after leucapheresis and another (from cerebral intravascular coagulation) two days later.

Preston, F. E.
Sokol, R. J.
Lilleyman, J. S.
Winfield, D. A.
Blackburn, E. K.
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The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

The influence of hypovolemia (removal of 30% of the blood volume) on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of etomidate was investigated in the rat. Chronically instrumented animals were randomly allocated to either a control (n = 9) or a hypovolemia (n = 9) group, and etomidate was infused (50 mg/kg/h) until isoelectric periods of 5 s or longer were observed in the electroencephalogram. The changes observed in the electroencephalogram were quantified using aperiodic analysis in the 2.5- to 7.5-Hz frequency band and used as a surrogate measure of hypnosis.

De Paepe, P.
Belpaire, F. M.
Van Hoey, G.
Boon, P. A.
Buylaert, W. A.
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Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology

Drugs used in the management of pregnancy-induced hypertension have been reviewed, and their value and adverse effects on both mother and fetus have been considered. Although magnesium and hydralazine remain the stalwarts of therapy, a number of other drugs have potential that may be realized in the future. Several new medications have promise in correcting the derangements of toxemia, but safety for the fetus has yet to be demonstrated.

Kelly, J. V.
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Fortschritte Der Medizin

The pathophysiology of anaphylactic and anaphylactoid shock states suggests that the rapidly initiated, intensive therapeutic measures to be taken must involve: breathing (ventilation) of (with) 100% oxygen, continuous or semi-continuous sympathicomimetic therapy (epinephrine, isoprenalin, orciprenalin) avoiding excessive single doses, rapid intensive volume substitution, control of metabolic acidosis, bronchospasmolytic therapy, in case of laryngospasm intubation, if not possible coniotomy or transtracheal punction.

Pavek, K.
Wegmann, A.
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Despite intensive study, the relation between insulin's action on blood flow and glucose metabolism remains unclear. Insulin-induced changes in microvascular perfusion, independent from effects on total blood flow, could be an important variable contributing to insulin's metabolic action.

Coggins, M.
Lindner, J.
Rattigan, S.
Jahn, L.
Fasy, E.
Kaul, S.
Barrett, E.
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Kidney International

Dietary sodium is thought to play a major role in the pathogenesis of hypertension, hypervolemia, and mortality in hemodialysis patients; hence, sodium restriction is almost universally recommended. Since the evidence upon which to base these assumptions is limited, we undertook a post-hoc analysis of 1770 patients in the Hemodialysis Study with available dietary, clinical, and laboratory information. Within this cohort, 772 were men, 1113 black, and 786 diabetic, with a mean age of 58 years and a median dietary sodium intake of 2080 mg/day.

Mc Causland, Finnian R.
Waikar, Sushrut S.
Brunelli, Steven M.
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Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine = Chung I Tsa Chih Ying Wen Pan / Sponsored by All-China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To study the mechanism and effects of different scraping techniques on body surface blood perfusion volume and local skin temperature of healthy subjects and to provide a baseline for microcirculation and energy metabolism for the evaluation of the therapeutic effects of scraping.

Xu, Qing-Yan
Yang, Jin-Sheng
Yang, Li
Wang, Ying-Ying
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