Body Temperature Regulation

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Clinical Therapeutics

BACKGROUND: Symptomatic management is often all that is recommended in children with fever. To date, only 2 nationwide surveys of pediatricians regarding their attitudes toward fever have been published. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to describe the management of children with fever by pediatricians in Switzerland. METHODS: For this survey, an initial close-ended questionnaire was tested and subsequently corrected. Between June 2010 and March 2011, an invitation was sent via electronic mail containing a link to the final version of the questionnaire.

Lava, Sebastiano A. G.
Simonetti, Giacomo D.
Ramelli, Gian Paolo
Tschumi, Sibylle
Bianchetti, Mario G.
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Menopause (New York, N.Y.)

OBJECTIVE: To create an evidence-based position statement regarding the treatment of vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause. DESIGN: The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) enlisted clinicians and researchers acknowledged to be experts in the field of menopause-associated vasomotor symptoms to review the evidence obtained from the medical literature and develop a document for final approval by the NAMS Board of Trustees.

North American Menopause Society
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The naked mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber) is a strictly subterranean, extraordinarily long-lived eusocial mammal. Although it is the size of a mouse, its maximum lifespan exceeds 30 years, making this animal the longest-living rodent. Naked mole rats show negligible senescence, no age-related increase in mortality, and high fecundity until death. In addition to delayed ageing, they are resistant to both spontaneous cancer and experimentally induced tumorigenesis. Naked mole rats pose a challenge to the theories that link ageing, cancer and redox homeostasis.

Kim, Eun Bae
Fang, Xiaodong
Fushan, Alexey A.
Huang, Zhiyong
Lobanov, Alexei V.
Han, Lijuan
Marino, Stefano M.
Sun, Xiaoqing
Turanov, Anton A.
Yang, Pengcheng
Yim, Sun Hee
Zhao, Xiang
Kasaikina, Marina V.
Stoletzki, Nina
Peng, Chunfang
Polak, Paz
Xiong, Zhiqiang
Kiezun, Adam
Zhu, Yabing
Chen, Yuanxin
Kryukov, Gregory V.
Zhang, Qiang
Peshkin, Leonid
Yang, Lan
Bronson, Roderick T.
Buffenstein, Rochelle
Wang, Bo
Han, Changlei
Li, Qiye
Chen, Li
Zhao, Wei
Sunyaev, Shamil R.
Park, Thomas J.
Zhang, Guojie
Wang, Jun
Gladyshev, Vadim N.
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The Journals of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences

Quantitative trait loci (QTL) of longevity identified in human and mouse are significantly colocalized, suggesting that common mechanisms are involved. However, the limited number of strains that have been used in mouse longevity studies undermines the ability to identify longevity genes. We crossed C57BL/6J mice with a new wild-derived strain, Pohn, and identified two life span QTL-Ls1 and Ls2. Interestingly, homologous human longevity QTL colocalize with Ls1. We also defined new QTL for metabolic heat production and body weight.

Yuan, Rong
Flurkey, Kevin
Meng, Qingying
Astle, Mike C.
Harrison, David E.
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Birth Defects Original Article Series
Makinodan, T.
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Ageing Research Reviews

Temperature is an important modulator of longevity and aging in both poikilotherms and homeotherm animals. In homeotherms, temperature homeostasis is regulated primarily in the preoptic area (POA) of the hypothalamus. This region receives and integrates peripheral, central and environmental signals and maintains a nearly constant core body temperature (T(core)) by regulating the autonomic and hormonal control of heat production and heat dissipation. Temperature sensitive neurons found in the POA are considered key elements of the neuronal circuitry modulating these effects.

Tabarean, Iustin
Morrison, Brad
Marcondes, Maria Cecilia
Bartfai, Tamas
Conti, Bruno
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Polski Tygodnik Lekarski (Warsaw, Poland: 1960)
Godlewski, J.
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Zeitschrift Für Psychotherapie Und Medizinische Psychologie
Polzien, P.
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Journal of Applied Physiology
Kissen, A. T.
Reifler, C. B.
Thaler, V. H.
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Minerva Medica
Langen, D.


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