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Journal of Medical Internet Research

BACKGROUND: PubMed is the largest bibliographic index in the life sciences. It is freely available online and is used by professionals and the public to learn more about medical research. While primarily intended to serve researchers, PubMed provides an array of tools and services that can help a wider readership in the location, comprehension, evaluation, and utilization of medical research. OBJECTIVE: This study sought to establish the potential contributions made by a range of PubMed tools and services to the use of the database by complementary and alternative medicine practitioners.

Willinsky, John
Quint-Rapoport, Mia
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Supportive Care in Cancer: Official Journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer

GOALS OF WORK: Therapeutic touch (TT) is a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatment modeled on the ancient practice of "laying on of hands" that has been developed into a contemporary supportive care intervention. Evidence-based support for TT is emerging with increasingly more sophisticated studies; however, flaws in early research contributed to a perception that TT is poor science. Yet TT is a safe CAM treatment that is highly valued by patients and can be integrated into conventional settings.

Stephen, Joanne E.
Mackenzie, Gina
Sample, Sarah
Macdonald, Jennifer
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AIDS patient care and STDs

The increased longevity afforded by combination antiretroviral therapy in developed countries has led to an increased concern regarding senescence-related diseases in patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Previous epidemiologic analyses have demonstrated an increased risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, as well as a significant burden of respiratory symptoms in HIV-infected patients. We performed the St.

Leung, Janice M.
Liu, Joseph C.
Mtambo, Andy
Ngan, David
Nashta, Negar
Guillemi, Silvia
Harris, Marianne
Lima, Viviane D.
Mattman, Andre
Shaipanich, Tawimas
Raju, Rekha
Hague, Cameron
Leipsic, Jonathon A.
Sin, Don D.
Montaner, Julio S.
Man, S. F. Paul
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BMC medical ethics

BACKGROUND: Although there is extensive information about why people participate in clinical trials, studies are largely based on quantitative evidence and typically focus on single conditions. Over the last decade investigations into why people volunteer for health research have become increasingly prominent across diverse research settings, offering variable based explanations of participation patterns driven primarily by recruitment concerns. Therapeutic misconception and altruism have emerged as predominant themes in this literature on motivations to participate in health research.

Townsend, Anne
Cox, Susan M.
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Family Medicine

As a result of increasing interest in medical hypnosis, a curriculum has been developed for teaching clinical hypnosis to family practice residents within a Canadian two-year training program. History and theories, demonstrations of techniques, practice of inductions, and clinical applications are presented to all second-year residents within a course titled "Behavioral Medicine in Family Practice." Individual supervision is offered within the family practice teaching unit as well as a one-month elective in behavioral medicine.

Herbert, C. P.
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Effective clinical practice: ECP

CONTEXT: Interest in the use of alternative therapies to reduce anxiety in patients undergoing medical interventions is increasing. We sought to assess the effectiveness of aromatherapy involving essential oils in reducing preoperative anxiety in women undergoing abortions. SETTING: An urban, free-standing abortion clinic in Vancouver, BC. PATIENTS: 66 women waiting for surgical abortions. DESIGN: A double blind, randomized trial.

Wiebe, E.
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Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health / Center for Minority Public Health

The breast cancer experiences of Punjabi immigrant women, who represent the most populace group of South Asians in Canada, need to be understood in order to inform culturally appropriate cancer services. The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore women's stories of breast cancer in order to uncover how they made sense of their experiences. Interviews with twelve Punjabi immigrant women who had breast cancer within the last 8 years were available for this study.

Howard, A. Fuchsia
Bottorff, Joan L.
Balneaves, Lynda G.
Grewal, Sukhdev K.
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Health Psychology: Official Journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association

OBJECTIVE: To examine whether--and why--people underestimate how much they enjoy exercise. DESIGN: Across four studies, 279 adults predicted how much they would enjoy exercising, or reported their actual feelings after exercising. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Main outcome measures were predicted and actual enjoyment ratings of exercise routines, as well as intention to exercise.

Ruby, Matthew B.
Dunn, Elizabeth W.
Perrino, Andrea
Gillis, Randall
Viel, Sasha
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Supportive Care in Cancer: Official Journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer

GOALS OF WORK: This study assessed the impact of acculturation on the prevalence of traditional Chinese medicine and other complementary and alternative medicine (TCM/CAM) use in newly diagnosed Chinese cancer patients. The individual determinants of TCM/CAM use among patients were also investigated. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A consecutive sample of Chinese cancer patients treated at the British Columbia Cancer Agency was surveyed at admission using a 15-item questionnaire. Items included TCM/CAM use, sociodemographics, as well as medical and cultural factors.

Ferro, Mark Anthony
Leis, Anne
Doll, Richard
Chiu, Lyren
Chung, Michael
Barroetavena, Maria-Cristina
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Canadian HIV/AIDS policy & law review / Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Health Canada may be poised to emulate the Netherlands' system of distributing marijuana to HIV/AIDS and other patients through pharmacies. Meanwhile, revisions to the much-criticized medical marijuana regulatory system are under development.

Thaczuk, Derek


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