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BACKGROUND: Cancer patients suffer from diverse symptoms, including depression, anxiety, pain, and fatigue and lower quality of life (QoL) during disease progression. This study aimed to evaluate the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine psycho-behavioral interventions (TCM PBIs) on improving QoL by meta-analysis. RESULTS: The six TCM PBIs analyzed were acupuncture, Chinese massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine five elements musical intervention (TCM FEMI), Traditional Chinese Medicine dietary supplement (TCM DS), Qigong and Tai Chi.

Tao, Weiwei
Luo, Xi
Cui, Bai
Liang, Dapeng
Wang, Chunli
Duan, Yangyang
Li, Xiaofen
Zhou, Shiyu
Zhao, Mingjie
Li, Yi
He, Yumin
Wang, Shaowu
Kelley, Keith W.
Jiang, Ping
Liu, Quentin
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Geriatrics & Gerontology International

AIM: The main objective of the present study was to examine the quality of life of older adults with cancer and investigate factors associated with it. Some practical problems experienced by older adults with cancer are introduced, such as changes in work situation, availability of caregivers and financial difficulties relative to medical expenditures. METHODS: A total of 339 patients aged 65 years or older who were treated for five major cancer diseases--colorectal, stomach, lung, liver or kidney cancer--participated in the present study.

Yoon, Hyunsook
Kim, Yojin
Lim, Yeon Ok
Lee, Hyun Joo
Choi, Kyoungwon
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Supportive Care in Cancer: Official Journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer

PURPOSE: Understanding the experience of late effects from the perspective of cancer survivors is essential to inform patient-centred care. This study investigated the nature and onset of late effects experienced by survivors and the manner in which late effects have affected their lives. METHODS: Sixteen purposively selected cancer survivors participated in a qualitative interview study. The data were analysed inductively using a narrative schema in order to derive the main themes that characterised patients' accounts of late effects.

Treanor, Charlene
Donnelly, Michael
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Journal of Pediatric Psychology

OBJECTIVE: Examined how individual differences in disposition among pediatric cancer patients predict their later psychosocial functioning. METHODS: Patients aged 8-17 years (N?=?223) reported on their disposition at baseline. One and three years later, self-reports and parent reports of patient psychosocial functioning were obtained. Latent profile analysis was used to identify subgroups that differed on baseline disposition and to compare them on later outcomes.

Okado, Yuko
Howard Sharp, Katianne M.
Tillery, Rachel
Long, Alanna M.
Phipps, Sean
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European Journal of Oncology Nursing: The Official Journal of European Oncology Nursing Society

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to test the previous proposed Preliminary Live with Love Conceptual Framework (P-LLCF) that focuses on spousal caregiver-patient couples in their journey of coping with cancer as dyads. METHODS: A mixed-methods study that included qualitative and quantitative approaches was conducted. Methods of concept and theory analysis, and structural equation modeling (SEM) were applied in testing the P-LLCF.

Li, Qiuping
Xu, Yinghua
Zhou, Huiya
Loke, Alice Yuen
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European Journal of Oncology Nursing: The Official Journal of European Oncology Nursing Society

PURPOSE: The relational dynamics of couples may be under great strain due to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. A complex "Caring for Couples Coping with Cancer" (4Cs) intervention program, guided by a Preliminary Live with Love Conceptual Framework (P-LLCF) for Cancer Couple Dyads, was developed to support couples going through such hardship. The purpose of this paper is to present a re-analysis of the results of the 4Cs intervention program to determine whether the findings provide evidence to support the constructs in the P-LLCF.

Li, Qiuping
Xu, Yinghua
Zhou, Huiya
Loke, Alice Yuen
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Palliative Medicine

BACKGROUND: Hospital is the most common place of cancer death but concerns regarding the quality of end-of-life care remain. AIM: Preliminary assessment of the effectiveness of the Liverpool Care Pathway on the quality of end-of-life care provided to adult cancer patients during their last week of life in hospital. DESIGN: Uncontrolled before-after intervention cluster trial. SETTINGS/PARTICIPANTS: The trial was performed within four hospital wards participating in the pilot implementation of the Italian version of the Liverpool Care Pathway programme.

Costantini, Massimo
Pellegrini, Fabio
Di Leo, Silvia
Beccaro, Monica
Rossi, Carla
Flego, Guia
Romoli, Vittoria
Giannotti, Michela
Morone, Paola
Ivaldi, Giovanni P.
Cavallo, Laura
Fusco, Flavio
Higginson, Irene J.
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European Journal of Cancer Care

It is necessary to carry out randomised clinical cancer trials (RCTs) in order to evaluate new, potentially useful treatments for future cancer patients. Participation in clinical trials plays an important role in determining whether a new treatment is the best therapy or not. Therefore, it is important to understand on what basis patients decide to participate in clinical trials and to investigate the implications of this understanding for optimising the information process related to study participation.

Godskesen, T.
Hansson, M. G.
Nygren, P.
Nordin, K.
Kihlbom, U.


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