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Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

CONTEXT: Primary hyperparathyroidism (P-HPT) is one of the most common of all endocrine disorders. Eighty percent to 85% of cases are due to parathyroid adenomas while hyperplasia and carcinoma account for 10% to 15% and less than 1%, of cases, respectively. The past decade has witnessed remarkable advances in the understanding of the molecular basis of parathyroid hyperplasia and neoplasia. Additionally, imaging studies and the development of the intraoperative assay for parathyroid hormone have transformed the diagnosis and management of patients with these disorders.

DeLellis, Ronald A.
Mazzaglia, Peter
Mangray, Shamlal
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The experience of receiving a screen-detected diagnosis of colorectal cancer was explored using open-ended interviews. Twenty four people who had been diagnosed with cancer at flexible sigmoidoscopy screening were interviewed at their homes over the telephone. Thematic analysis of the transcripts showed that the experience of gaining a diagnosis of cancer through screening was characterised by a lack of prior expectation that cancer would be detected and feelings of shock. This was largely because of the absence of symptoms and current feelings of well-being.

Miles, Anne
Wardle, Jane
Atkin, Wendy
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Gerontologia Clinica
LaBaw, W. L.
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Lancet (London, England)

The effect of psychosocial intervention on time of survival of 86 patients with metastatic breast cancer was studied prospectively. The 1 year intervention consisted of weekly supportive group therapy with self-hypnosis for pain. Both the treatment (n = 50) and control groups (n = 36) had routine oncological care. At 10 year follow-up, only 3 of the patients were alive, and death records were obtained for the other 83.

Spiegel, D.
Bloom, J. R.
Kraemer, H. C.
Gottheil, E.
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Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin

Novel artemisinin-glycolipid hybrids were directly synthesized from 12? (C-C)-type deoxoartemisinin and glycolipid and exhibited exceptional in vitro anticancer activity, particularly against the oral carcinoma cancer cell lines, respectively. The artemisinin-glycolipid hybrids, with effective concentrations under 20 µM, demonstrated better anticancer activity than either artemisinin or glycolipid alone and showed five times more anti-oral cancer activity than either cisplatin or paclitaxel.

Ricci, Jérémy
Kim, Minkyu
Chung, Won-Yoon
Park, Kwang-Kyun
Jung, Mankil
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Radiation Oncology (London, England)

OBJECTIVE: Cervical cancer is the third most common type of cancer in women worldwide and radiotherapy remains its predominant therapeutic treatment. Artesunate (ART), a derivative of artemisinin, has shown radiosensitization effect in previous studies. However, such effects of ART have not yet been revealed for cervical cancer cells. METHODS: The effect of ART on radiosensitivity of human cervical cancer cell lines HeLa and SiHa was assessed using the clonogenic assay. Cell cycle progression and apoptosis alterations were analyzed by flow cytometry.

Luo, Judong
Zhu, Wei
Tang, Yiting
Cao, Han
Zhou, Yuanyuan
Ji, Rong
Zhou, Xifa
Lu, Zhongkai
Yang, Hongying
Zhang, Shuyu
Cao, Jianping
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Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

Amooranin (AMR) is a triterpene acid isolated from the stem bark of a tropical tree (Amoora rohituka) grown wild in India. A. rohituka stem bark is one of the components of a medicinal preparation used in the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine for the treatment of human malignancies. We investigated the mechanism of cell death associated with AMR cytotoxicity in human mammary carcinoma MCF-7, multidrug resistant breast carcinoma MCF-7/TH and breast epithelial MCF-10A cell lines. AMR IC50 values ranged between 3.8-6.9 microg/ml among MCF-7, MCF-7/TH and MCF-10A cells.

Rabi, Thangaiyan
Ramachandran, Cheppail
Fonseca, Hugo B.
Nair, Raveendran P. K.
Alamo, Arturo
Melnick, Steven J.
Escalon, Enrique
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Acta Oncologica (Stockholm, Sweden)

The prevalence of sleep disturbance is high among cancer patients, and the sleep problems tend to last for years after the end of treatment. As part of a large randomized controlled clinical trial (the MICA trial, NCT00990977) of the effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) on psychological and somatic symptoms among breast cancer patients, the aim of the current study was to evaluate the effect of MBSR on the secondary outcome, 'sleep quality'.

Andersen, Signe R.
Würtzen, Hanne
Steding-Jessen, Marianne
Christensen, Jane
Andersen, Klaus K.
Flyger, Henrik
Mitchelmore, Cathy
Johansen, Christoffer
Dalton, Susanne O.
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Clinical Cancer Research: An Official Journal of the American Association for Cancer Research

PURPOSE: Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is one of the most commonly used herbal therapies, and its principal constituent silybin significantly inhibits cytochrome P450 isoform 3A4 (CYP3A4) and UDP glucuronosyltransferase isoform 1A1 (UGT1A1) in vitro. Here, we investigated whether milk thistle affects the pharmacokinetics of irinotecan, a substrate for CYP3A4 and UGT1A1, in humans. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: Six cancer patients were treated with irinotecan (dose, 125 mg/m(2)) given as a 90-minute infusion once every week.

van Erp, Nielka P. H.
Baker, Sharyn D.
Zhao, Ming
Rudek, Michelle A.
Guchelaar, Henk-Jan
Nortier, Johan W. R.
Sparreboom, Alex
Gelderblom, Hans
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Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

Solar UV radiation-induced immunosuppression is a risk factor for nonmelanoma skin cancer. Interleukin (IL)-12 has been shown to possess antitumor activity and inhibit the immunosuppressive effects of UV radiation in mice. In this study, we generated IL-12 knockout (KO) mice on a C3H/HeN background to characterize the role of IL-12 in photocarcinogenesis.

Meeran, Syed M.
Mantena, Sudheer K.
Meleth, Sreelatha
Elmets, Craig A.
Katiyar, Santosh K.


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