Carcinoma, Ductal, Breast

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Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology

Recent studies have indicated the profound anti-tumor activity of artemisinin's compounds, among which; arteether is an oil-soluble derivative of artemisinin with an endoperoxide bridge that can induce apoptosis in tumor cells but not in the normal cells. An experiment was carried out on tumor-bearing Balb/c mice to estimate the effects of Arteether on tumor growth and antitumor immune responses. Briefly, 6mg/kg/day of Arteether and diluents were administered to two groups of mice. Tumor sizes were measured using digital verniercallipers.

Azimi Mohamadabadi, Maryam
Hassan, Zuhair Muhammad
Zavaran Hosseini, Ahmad
Noori, Shekoofe
Mahdavi, Mehdi
Maroufizadeh, Saman
Maroof, Hamidreza
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Integrative Cancer Therapies

The majority of patients with cancer use some form of complementary or alternative medicine. External qigong treatment (EQT), classified as a bioenergy therapy, is one such approach that patients combine with conventional medicine or, in some cases, use in place of conventional medicine. This study aimed to determine whether EQT could shrink breast cancer tumors and improve quality of life (QOL) in women with pathologically confirmed breast cancer awaiting surgery.

Cohen, Lorenzo
Chen, Zhen
Arun, Banu
Shao, Zhimin
Dryden, Mark
Xu, Linhhui
Le-Petross, Carisa
Dogan, Basak
McKenna, Brian J.
Markman, Maurie
Babiera, Gildy
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