Career Choice

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International Journal of Nursing Studies

BACKGROUND: International studies have shown that motivation and career considerations related to nursing reveal that the decision is determined by a multitude of factors, generally distinguishing between the extrinsic and intrinsic rewards and work values. Although changing values seem to be important with greater emphasis on personal development and a reduction in other-orientation and altruism, nursing still stress the caring component with a desire to help and care for others.

Hollup, Oddvar
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The Veterinary Record

In many western countries, there has been a marked change in the demographic profile of those entering the veterinary profession, with a shift from a predominantly male to a predominantly female intake. There have been parallel changes in society, with greater emphasis on human rights and work-life balance. It is, therefore, timely to consider what constitutes correct professional conduct for the profession, as there is the potential for problems to arise over the interpretation of 'professionalism' due to cultural and generational differences.

Roder, C.
Whittlestone, K.
May, S. A.
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Medical Teacher

BACKGROUND: Burnout is a stress-induced syndrome, which affects medical students. Some environmental and personal factors can favor burnout onset and its serious consequences as dropping out, sleep disorders, depression, and suicide. The motivation for choosing medicine is a personal aspect that can modulate the distress with academic demands. METHODS: We applied self-administered questionnaires in 277 medical students to investigate the predictive role of career choice motivations on burnout dimensions.

Pagnin, Daniel
De Queiroz, ValÈria
De Oliveira Filho, M·rcio Amaral
Gonzalez, Naira Vanessa Anomal
Salgado, Ana EmÌlia TeÛfilo
Cordeiro e Oliveira, Bernardo
Lodi, Caio Silva
Melo, Raquel Muniz Da Silva
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Journal of Neurosurgery. Pediatrics

OBJECT: Research suggests that there may be a growing disparity between the supply of and demand for both pediatric specialists and neurosurgeons. Whether pediatric neurosurgeons are facing such a disparity is disputable, but interest in pediatric neurosurgery (PNS) has waxed and waned as evidenced by the number of applicants for PNS fellowships. The authors undertook a survey to analyze current neurosurgical residents' perceptions of both benefits and deterrents to a pediatric neurosurgical career.

Dias, Mark S.
Sussman, Jeffrey S.
Durham, Susan
Iantosca, Mark R.
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European Journal of Dental Education: Official Journal of the Association for Dental Education in Europe

AIM: To study the students' satisfaction with the week-long summer programme and the importance of common influencing factors (IFs) for choosing dentistry as their career. METHODS: Anonymous questionnaire was given to all 214 participants in July of 2011 and 2012. Demographic information including gender, age and education level was collected. The students were asked about their satisfaction with the programme with separate ratings for learning experiences, including hands-on workshops (HOW); clinic observations (CO); problem-based learning tutorials (PBL); and lectures (L).

Suen, R. P. C.
Lai, S. M. L.
Bridges, S.
Chu, C. H.
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Nursing Ethics

BACKGROUND: At a time when British nursing has been under scrutiny for an apparent lack of compassion in education and practice, this paper based offers a perspective on the notions of vocation and altruism in nursing. OBJECTIVES: To understand the vocational and altruistic motivations of nurses through the application of Pierre Bourdieu's concepts of 'symbolic capital', 'field' and 'habitus' through a long interview with nurse respondents. RESEARCH DESIGN: A reflexive qualitative study was undertaken using the long interview.

Carter, Melody
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Journal of Dental Education

This study's aim was to investigate on an international scale the reasons why individuals are currently choosing dentistry as a career. An observational, descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted on a cohort of first-year dental students from thirteen countries on six continents in 2011-12 (n=711). Participants completed the Du Toit Questionnaire for Health Workers and Students, designed for this study, to disclose the reason(s) why they chose a career in dentistry. Data collected from the questionnaire were analyzed in EpiInfo version

Du Toit, Jonathan
Jain, Sameer
Montalli, Victor
Govender, Urvashnee
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BMC medical education

BACKGROUND: Students' motives for studying Dentistry have been a subject of interest for years because of the potential for understanding the psychological makeup and subsequent job satisfaction for the dentist. It is also useful in identifying expectations of the profession. This study therefore tried to identify study motives and career preferences of dental students especially with respect to the practice of paediatric dentistry. METHODS: This was a cross-sectional study using a self-administered questionnaire.

Folayan, Morenike O.
Sofola, Oyinkan O.
Khami, Mohammad R.
Esan, Ayodeji O.
Popoola, Bamidele O.
Orenuga, Omolola O.
Folaranmi, Nkiru
Ligali, Taofeek O.
Phillips, Abimbola S.
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Medical Teacher

AIM: The concept of social accountability within undergraduate training is embedded within the remit of medical schools. Little is known of how medical students perceive social accountability, recognize aspects of their training contributing to the development of this concept and cultivate the underpinning values.

McCrea, Marie Louise
Murdoch-Eaton, Deborah
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Journal of Advanced Nursing

AIM: To investigate how undergraduate nursing students' perceived professional qualifications and job values relate to their choice of clinical field after graduation, particularly about employment in care of older people and psychiatric fields. BACKGROUND: In the light of greater demand for highly qualified nurses, it is important to understand how professional qualifications and job values relate to career choices. DESIGN: A quantitative longitudinal study of 290 undergraduate nursing students based on a questionnaire survey and register data.

Abrahamsen, Bente


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