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International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry

BACKGROUND: There is considerable literature on managing depression, burden and psychological morbidity in caregivers of people with dementia (CG). Anxiety has been a relatively neglected outcome measure but may require specific interventions. OBJECTIVE: To synthesise evidence regarding interventions that reduce anxiety in CGs. METHODS: Twenty-four studies met our inclusion criteria. We rated the methodology of studies, and awarded grades of recommendation (GR) for each type of intervention according to Centre for Evidence Based Medicine guidelines, from A (highest level of evidence) to D.

Cooper, Claudia
Balamurali, T. B. S.
Selwood, Amber
Livingston, Gill
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Cancer Nursing

BACKGROUND: The emotion of disgust appears to promote psychological and behavioral avoidance, a dynamic that has significant implications in physical and psychological outcomes in colorectal cancer (CRC). Patients, caregivers, and health professionals alike are all potentially susceptible to responding with disgust and the associated avoidance. OBJECTIVE: This article aimed to review the early-stage literature related to disgust and CRC, consider the clinical implications, and suggest an appropriate research agenda.

Reynolds, Lisa M.
Consedine, Nathan S.
Pizarro, David A.
Bissett, Ian P.
Publication Title: 
Journal of applied research in intellectual disabilities: JARID

BACKGROUND: The efficacy of mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) for stress and psychological distress in professional caregivers supporting individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDDs) is reviewed. METHODS: Eight studies met inclusion criteria and were systematically reviewed, including RCTs and single-group designs.

Ó Donnchadha, Seán
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Palliative Medicine

BACKGROUND: There is a need to identify proactive, evidence-based interventions to support informal palliative caregivers. Mindfulness-based interventions, evidenced in the literature as providing physical and mental health benefits for diverse populations, may have application in the setting of palliative caregiving. AIM: To describe, evaluate and synthesise the peer-reviewed literature on the effects of mindfulness-based interventions for informal palliative caregivers.

Jaffray, Linda
Bridgman, Heather
Stephens, Miranda
Skinner, Timothy
Publication Title: 
Archives of Psychiatric Nursing

Caring for patients with various conditions is demanding and stressful and can have a negative impact on both physical and psychological health. This paper reports a systematic review and critical appraisal of the evidence on the effectiveness of mindfulness-based stress reduction for the family caregivers of patients with various conditions. There were improvements in the self-rated psychological symptoms, such as stress, depression, anxiety and mindfulness.

Li, Guichen
Yuan, Hua
Zhang, Wei
Publication Title: 
The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

BACKGROUND: With increasing survival estimates for individuals with cystic fibrosis, long-term management has become an important focus. Psychological interventions are largely concerned with adherence to treatment, emotional and social adaptation and health-related quality of life. We are unaware of any relevant systematic reviews. OBJECTIVES: To determine whether psychological interventions for people with cystic fibrosis provide significant psychosocial and physical benefits in addition to standard medical care.

Goldbeck, Lutz
Fidika, Astrid
Herle, Marion
Quittner, Alexandra L.
Publication Title: 
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports

This consensus statement summarizes key contemporary research themes relevant to understanding the psychology and socioculture of sport injury. Special consideration is given toward high-intensity sport in which elite athlete training and performance efforts are characterized by explosive physical speed and strength, mental fortitude to push physical limits, and maximum effort and commitment to highly challenging goals associated with achieving exceptional performance.

Wiese-Bjornstal, D. M.
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Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.)

OBJECTIVE: Increasing prevalence of childhood obesity and associated risks of adult type disease have led to worldwide concern. It remains unclear how genetic predisposition, environmental exposure to obesogenic food, and developmental programming interact to lead to overweight and obese children. The development of a nonhuman primate model of obesity, and particularly juvenile obesity, is an important step to elucidating the factors associated with obesity and evaluating intervention strategies. DESIGN AND METHODS: Infant marmosets were followed from birth to 12 months of age.

Ross, Corinna N.
Power, Michael L.
Artavia, Joselyn M.
Tardif, Suzette D.
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Chronically stressed rodents who are allowed to eat calorie-dense "comfort" food develop greater mesenteric fat, which in turn dampens hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) axis activity. We tested whether similar relations exist in humans, at least cross-sectionally. Fifty-nine healthy premenopausal women were exposed to a standard laboratory stressor to examine HPA response to acute stress and underwent diurnal saliva sampling for basal cortisol and response to dexamethasone administration.

Tomiyama, A. Janet
Dallman, Mary F.
Epel, Elissa S.
Publication Title: 

Chronic psychological stress appears to accelerate biological aging, and oxidative damage is an important potential mediator of this process. However, the mechanisms by which psychological stress promotes oxidative damage are poorly understood. This study investigates the theory that cortisol increases in response to an acutely stressful event have the potential to either enhance or undermine psychobiological resilience to oxidative damage, depending on the body's prior exposure to chronic psychological stress.

Aschbacher, Kirstin
O'Donovan, Aoife
Wolkowitz, Owen M.
Dhabhar, Firdaus S.
Su, Yali
Epel, Elissa


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