Cell Biology

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Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology

It has been shown that human diploid cells from various donor ages can be arrested in an essentially nonmitotic state by reducing the serum concentration of the incubation medium from 10 to 0.5 percent. Cells incubated at this serum level maintained the population distribution that was present when the cells reached confluency. The population, which has 90 percent of the cells in the G1 phase of the division cycle, was not static and exhibited a low level of mitotic activity with prolonged interdivision times.

Dell'Orco, R. T.
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The Journal of Endocrinology

Adrenarche is a cell biological and endocrinological puzzle. The differentiation of the zona reticularis in childhood in humans requires special techniques for study because it is confined to humans and possibly a small number of other primates. Despite the rapid progress in the definition of adrenocortical stem/progenitor cells in the mouse, the factors that cause the differentiation of adrenocortical cells into zonal cell types have not been identified. There are, however, many candidates in the Wnt, Hedgehog, and other families of signaling molecules.

Hornsby, Peter J.
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Artificial Life

As part of our research on programmed self-decomposition, we formed the hypothesis that originally immortal terrestrial organisms evolve into ones that are programmed for autonomous death. We then conducted evolutionary simulation experiments in which we examined this hypothesis using an artificial ecosystem that we designed to resemble a terrestrial ecosystem endowed with artificial chemistry.

Oohashi, Tsutomu
Maekawa, Tadao
Ueno, Osamu
Kawai, Norie
Nishina, Emi
Honda, Manabu
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Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao = Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine

The ancient theory and technology which are related to preventive treatment of disease by dietetic regulation and coordinating meridian according to 25 tones have been developed in the early 21st century. It is proved in sonocytology by nanotechnology that cells are able to produce noise, and the noise will change at first when the cells have any disorders. This theory is in accordance with the one in Huangdi Neijing. The nanotechnology can be introduced into the basic research of traditional Chinese medicine and may contribute to the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.

Gao, Ye-Tao
Shi, Shan-Quan
Pan, Hui-Wei
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