Cell Transplantation

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Aging Clinical and Experimental Research
Butler, Robert N.
Warner, Huber R.
Williams, T. Franklin
Austad, Steven N.
Brody, Jacob A.
Campisi, Judith
Cerami, Anthony
Cohen, Gene
Cristofalo, Vincent J.
Drachman, David A.
Finch, Caleb E.
Fridovich, Irwin
Harley, Calvin B.
Havlik, Richard J.
Martin, George M.
Miller, Richard A.
Olshansky, S. Jay
Pereira-Smith, Olivia M.
Smith, James R.
Sprott, Richard L.
West, Michael D.
Wilmoth, John R.
Wright, Woodring E.
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PloS One

There is growing evidence and a consensus in the field that most pediatric brain tumors originate from stem cells, of which radial glial cells constitute a subtype. Here we show that orthotopic transplantation of human radial glial (RG) cells to the subventricular zone of the 3rd ventricle--but not to other transplantation sites--of the brain in immunocompromised NOD-SCID mice, gives rise to tumors that have the hallmarks of CNS primitive neuroectodermal tumors (PNETs). The resulting mouse model strikingly recapitulates the phenotype of PNETs.

Malchenko, Sergey
Sredni, Simone Treiger
Hashimoto, Hitoshi
Kasai, Atsushi
Nagayasu, Kazuki
Xie, Jianping
Margaryan, Naira V.
Seiriki, Kaoru
Lulla, Rishi R.
Seftor, Richard E. B.
Pachman, Lauren M.
Meltzer, Herbert Y.
Hendrix, Mary J. C.
Soares, Marcelo B.
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Revista De Derecho Y Genoma Humano = Law and the Human Genome Review

This paper attempts to delineate the main tenets of Spanish interpretation of the Tissue Directive, which, arguably, constitute the "ideal" model traced by the Directive. The different ways in which ideals of altruism and solidarity have played out in the implementation or translation of the Directive are underlined. But it also highlights the difficulties and conflicts that the application of this pattern has already revealed, as for example, in the governance of private cord blood banking and oocyte donation.

Alkorta Idiakez, Itziar
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Nature Medicine

Epileptic seizures are a common and poorly understood comorbidity for individuals with primary brain tumors. To investigate peritumoral seizure etiology, we implanted human-derived glioma cells into severe combined immunodeficient mice. Within 14-18 d, glioma-bearing mice developed spontaneous and recurring abnormal electroencephalogram events consistent with progressive epileptic activity. Acute brain slices from these mice showed marked glutamate release from the tumor mediated by the system x(c)(-) cystine-glutamate transporter (encoded by Slc7a11).

Buckingham, Susan C.
Campbell, Susan L.
Haas, Brian R.
Montana, Vedrana
Robel, Stefanie
Ogunrinu, Toyin
Sontheimer, Harald
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Adjustable control of therapeutic transgenes in engineered cell implants after transdermal and topical delivery of nontoxic trigger molecules would increase convenience, patient compliance, and elimination of hepatic first-pass effect in future therapies. Pseudomonas putida DOT-T1E has evolved the flavonoid-triggered TtgR operon, which controls expression of a multisubstrate-specific efflux pump (TtgABC) to resist plant-derived defense metabolites in its rhizosphere habitat. Taking advantage of the TtgR operon, we have engineered a hybrid P.

Gitzinger, Marc
Kemmer, Christian
El-Baba, Marie Daoud
Weber, Wilfried
Fussenegger, Martin
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The Histochemical Journal

The immunophenotype of HT29 human colon cancer cells implanted into severe combined immunodeficient mice was assessed in primary tumours and their metastases in the lungs using an indirect immunohistochemical method. After primary tumours were surgically removed, the metastases were given time to develop, thus paralleling the clinical situation. While vimentin was negative in both primary and secondary tumours, E-cadherin was present as membrane-bound labelling in the primary tumours only.

Mitchell, B. S.
Horny, H. P.
Schumacher, U.
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