Cellular Microenvironment

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Immunological Reviews

Antibodies continuously secreted by plasma cells play a central role in humoral immune protection of the organism. These plasma cells are generated during the germinal center reaction, and it is likely that they here acquire the potential to develop into long-lived cells. To achieve longevity, these cells require factors provided by the microenvironment. Indeed, only a few of the plasmablasts arising during an immune response will differentiate into mature plasma cells, which may survive for decades in specialized survival niches in the bone marrow.

Chu, Van T.
Berek, Claudia
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Drug Discovery Today

Traditional ex vivo culture setups fail to imitate the native tissue niche, leading to cellular senescence, phenotypic drift, growth arrest and loss of stem cell multipotency. Growing evidence suggests that surface topography, substrate stiffness, mechanical stimulation, oxygen tension and localised density influence cellular functions and longevity, enhance tissue-specific extracellular matrix deposition and direct stem cell differentiation.

Cigognini, Daniela
Lomas, Alexander
Kumar, Pramod
Satyam, Abhigyan
English, Andrew
Azeem, Ayesha
Pandit, Abhay
Zeugolis, Dimitrios
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