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Quality of Life Research: An International Journal of Quality of Life Aspects of Treatment, Care and Rehabilitation

PURPOSE: Mindfulness has emerged as an important health concept based on evidence that mindfulness interventions reduce symptoms and improve health-related quality of life. The objectives of this study were to systematically assess and compare the properties of instruments to measure self-reported mindfulness. METHODS: Ovid Medline(®), CINAHL(®), and PsycINFO(®) were searched through May 2012, and articles were selected if their primary purpose was development or evaluation of the measurement properties (validity, reliability, responsiveness) of a self-report mindfulness scale.

Park, Taehwan
Reilly-Spong, Maryanne
Gross, Cynthia R.
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PloS One

BACKGROUND: We investigated whether there had been an improvement in the quality of reporting for randomised controlled trials of acupuncture and moxibustion published in Chinese journals. We compared the compliance rate for the quality of reporting following the publication of both the STRICTA and CONSORT recommendations in China. METHODS: Four Chinese databases were searched for RCTs of acupuncture from January 1978 through to December 2012. The CONSORT and STRICTA checklists were used to assess the quality of reporting. Data were collected using a standardised form.

Ma, Bin
Chen, Zhi-min
Xu, Jia-ke
Wang, Ya-Nan
Chen, Kuang-yang
Ke, Fa-yong
Niu, Jun-qiang
Li, Li
Huang, Cheng-ben
Zheng, Jian-xun
Yang, Jia-Hui
Zhu, Qian-ge
Wang, Ya-ping
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Journal of Religion and Health

This study has two goals. The first is to assess whether a benevolent image of God is associated with better physical health. The second goal is to examine the aspects of congregational life that is associated with a benevolent image of God.

Krause, Neal
Emmons, Robert A.
Ironson, Gail
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The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

The design and quality of 30 recent hypnotherapy trials (years 2000-2008) were assessed using the checklist for evaluating a report of nonpharmacological treatment (CLEAR NPT). Randomization was adequately reported in 53% of studies. The masking of participants and care providers is not feasible in hypnotherapy studies. Assessor masking is rarely introduced in randomized, controlled trials (27%). Reporting and quality of published hypnotherapy trials need to be improved.

Marc, Isabelle
Pelland-Marcotte, Marie-Claude
Ernst, Edzard
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BMC public health

BACKGROUND: Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) and Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) have been widely advocated by government and the international community as cost-effective tools for diagnosis and treatment of malaria. ACTs are now the first line treatment drug for malaria in Nigeria and RDTs have been introduced by the government to bridge the existing gaps in proper diagnosis. However, it is not known how readily available these RDTs and ACTs are in public and private health facilities and whether health workers are actually using them.

Uzochukwu, Benjamin S. C.
Chiegboka, Lausdeus O.
Enwereuzo, Chibuike
Nwosu, Usonwanne
Okorafor, David
Onwujekwe, Obinna E.
Uguru, Nkoli P.
Sibeudu, Florence T.
Ezeoke, Ogochukwu P.
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BACKGROUND: Immediate injectable treatment is essential for severe malaria. Otherwise, the afflicted risk lifelong impairment or death. In rural areas of Africa and Asia, appropriate care is often miles away. In 2009, Melba Gomes and her colleagues published the findings of a randomized, placebo-controlled trial of rectal artesunate for suspected severe malaria in such remote areas.

Hirji, Karim F.
Premji, Zulfiqarali G.
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BMC health services research

BACKGROUND: The Anambra state Malaria Control Booster Project (ANMCBP) depends on an effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system to continuously improve the implementation of the malaria control interventions. However, it is not clear how the health workers that are expected to be the fulcrum of the malaria M&E perceive and practise M&E. The study was carried out to determine the knowledge, perception, and practice of Malaria M&E among selected health staff, and to identify related socio-demographic factors, including cadre of staff.

Mbachu, Chinyere O.
Uzochukwu, Benjamin S. C.
Onwujekwe, Obinna E.
Ilika, Amobi L.
Oranuba, Joseph
Publication Title: 
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

PURPOSE: This article compares and contrasts two systematic reviews of t'ai chi (TC) interventions on bone mineral density in postmenopausal women. The aim is to examine how chosen quality rating instruments can impact systematic reviews of TC literature. METHODS: The rating instruments in the reviews, the three-item scale of Jadad et al. and the ad hoc checklist of Wayne et al., were analyzed using Oxman's evaluation criteria for systematic reviews regarding inclusion of articles, interpretation of results, and overall implications for the efficacy of TC on bone mineral density.

Alperson, Sunny Y.
Berger, Vance W.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

BACKGROUND: Quality acupuncture influences the outcomes of clinical research, and issues associated with effective administration of acupuncture in randomized controlled trials need to be addressed when appraising studies. OBJECTIVE: The study objective was to achieve consensus on domains and items for inclusion in a rating scale to assess quality acupuncture administered in clinical research. STUDY DESIGN AND SUBJECTS: An active group of Australian acupuncture researchers initially identified a pool of items assessing quality.

Smith, Caroline A.
Zaslawski, Christopher J.
Zheng, Zhen
Cobbin, Deidre
Cochrane, Suzanne
Lenon, George B.
Loyeung, Bertrand
Meier, Peter C.
Walsh, Sean
Xue, Charlie Changli
Zhang, Anthony L.
Zhu, Xiaoshu
Bensoussan, Alan
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