Child Behavior Disorders

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Academic Pediatrics

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the evidence for clinical applications of yoga among the pediatric population. METHODS: We conducted an electronic literature search including CINAHL, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), EMBASE, Medline, PsycINFO, and manual search of retrieved articles from inception of each database until December 2008. Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and nonrandomized controlled trials (NRCTs) were selected that included yoga or yoga-based interventions for individuals aged 0 to 21 years.

Birdee, Gurjeet S.
Yeh, Gloria Y.
Wayne, Peter M.
Phillips, Russell S.
Davis, Roger B.
Gardiner, Paula
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Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, and Allied Disciplines

Biological development is driven by a complex dance between nurture and nature, determined not only by the specific features of the interacting genetic and environmental influences but also by the timing of their rendezvous. The initiation of large-scale longitudinal studies, ever-expanding knowledge of genetics, and increasing availability of neuroimaging data to provide endophenotypic bridges between molecules and behavior are beginning to provide some insight into interactions of developmental stage, genes, and the environment, although daunting challenges remain.

Lenroot, Rhoshel K.
Giedd, Jay N.
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Current Opinion in Psychiatry

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The quality of parenting that children receive can have a profound influence on their development and mental health. This article reviews articles published from late 2010 onwards that address the effects of parenting on the child's physiological and genetic systems, and how interventions can improve children's security of attachments, antisocial behaviour and other outcomes across a range of settings.

Scott, Stephen
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Behavior Genetics

Epigenetic modulations are a hypothesized link between environmental factors and the development of psychiatric disorders. Research has suggested that patients with depression or bipolar disorder exhibit higher methylation levels in the glucocorticoid receptor gene NR3C1. We aimed to investigate whether NR3C1 methylation changes are similarly associated with externalizing disorders such as aggressive behavior and conduct disorder.

Heinrich, Angela
Buchmann, Arlette F.
Zohsel, Katrin
Dukal, Helene
Frank, Josef
Treutlein, Jens
Nieratschker, Vanessa
Witt, Stephanie H.
Brandeis, Daniel
Schmidt, Martin H.
Esser, G¸nter
Banaschewski, Tobias
Laucht, Manfred
Rietschel, Marcella
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Child Development

Behavioral/emotional difficulties in children are the first sign of mental health problems. These problems are however, heterogeneous. A domain that may identify homogenous subgroups is hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal function. This study tested whether epigenetic regulation of glucocorticoid receptor gene could explain the co-occurrence of anxiety problems in children with behavior problems.

Dadds, Mark R.
Moul, Caroline
Hawes, David J.
Mendoza Diaz, Antonio
Brennan, John
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The British Journal of Educational Psychology

BACKGROUND: Connectedness to school is a significant predictor of adolescent health and academic outcomes. While individual predictors of connectedness have been well-described, little is known about school-level factors which may influence connectedness. A school's ecology, or its structural, functional, and built aspects, coupled with interpersonal interactions, may also help to enhance adolescent connectedness. AIM: This study aims to identify school ecological characteristics which predict enhanced connectedness in secondary school.

Waters, Stacey
Cross, Donna
Shaw, Therese
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The International Journal of Social Psychiatry

This article is an account of an incident at a special school, involving a pupil, a young teacher, and two senior members of staff. The article offers some reflections and conclusions on the special challenges to be faced when making relationships with the young. Reference is made to Winnicott, Lomas, Bridgeland et al, in suggesting connections between the insights and skills of both therapy and of teaching.

Harrison, B.
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Child Welfare

Using a telephone survey, this study examined the experiences of 100 foster mothers who receive aid through Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Foster mothers reported numerous difficulties with TANF, including frequent sanctions and case closings, limited work and training opportunities, and pervasive material hardships. Foster children exhibited high levels of emotional and behavior problems. The data suggest that lack of access to child care and pressure to become self-sufficient may contribute to a decreased pool of foster mothers.

Critelli, Filomena M.
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The aims of this study were: (a) to examine the prevalence of corporal punishment (CP) of children in Spain; (b) to analyze the extent to which CP is used in combination with psychological aggression and positive parenting among Spanish parents; and (c) to investigate whether the relation between CP and behavior problems is moderated by a positive parenting context in which CP may be used, and by the co-occurrence of psychological aggression. The sample comprised 1,071 Spanish university students (74.8% female; 25.2% male).

G·mez-Guadix, Manuel
Straus, Murray A.
Carrobles, JosÈ Antonio
MuÒoz-Rivas, Marina J.
Almendros, Carmen
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Development and Psychopathology

This study addressed the basis for the intergenerational transmission of psychosocial risk associated with maternal childhood abuse in relation to offspring adjustment. The study tested how far group differences in individual change in adjustment over time were explained by differences in exposure to specific environmental risk experiences. Data are drawn from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children. Information on mothers' own experience of childhood abuse, offspring adjustment at ages 4 and 7 years, and hypothesized mediators was available for 5,619 families.

Collishaw, Stephan
Dunn, Judy
O'Connor, Thomas G.
Golding, Jean
Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children Study Team


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