Child Custody

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The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law

Many young Americans, married and marriageable, are turning to more traditional or fundamentalist religions. Religiosity and ultra-strict morality often leads to attitudes that alter decision-making in marriage, divorce, and the disposition of the children of divorce. Judgmental pastoral counseling may affect these decisions even more. This paper discusses these issues, emphasizing the need for forensic psychiatrists involved in the custody arena to be aware of the religious, spiritual, irreligious, or even anti-religious feelings of the battling partners.

Goldzband, M. G.
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The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Grandparenthood can have multiple meanings for grandparents just as grandchildhood can have diverse meanings for grandchildren. Ideally the joys of being a grandparent help to compensate for life's sorrows, although premature grandparenthood may be experienced instead as a nuisance or even a burden if grandparents have to assume parental responsibilities. Of course, storybook grandparents including the grandfathers of Heidi, Little Lord Fauntleroy, and the Box Car Children, never seem to resent having to act as surrogate parents.

Robinson, L. H.
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Economic Inquiry

This article presents a new rationale for imposing restrictions on child labor. In a standard overlapping generation model where parental altruism results in transfers that children allocate to consumption and education, the Nash-Cournot equilibrium results in suboptimal levels of parental transfers and does not maximize the average level of utility of currently living agents.

Soares, Jorge
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Presse Médicale (Paris, France: 1983)

Severe bladder dysfunction with possible consequence on the upper urinary tract caused by psychological trauma were recently identified. Hinman in 1973 was the first to report a series of 14 patients with severe abnormal bladder and bowels behaviour with organic cause. He described the most common symptoms met in this group of patients and their management using a non surgical approach based on bladder reeducation and hypnosis. Other authors such as Allen in 1977 reported a similar experience and found severe detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia.

Garignon, C.
Mure, P. Y.
Paparel, P.
Chiche, D.
Mouriquand, P.
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The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

A case of pediatric oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) with concomitant emotional dysregulation and secondary behavioral disruptiveness was treated with hypnosis by means of the hypnotic hold, a method adapted by the authors. An A-B-A-B time-series design with multiple replications was employed to measure the relationship of the hypnotic treatment to the dependent measure: episodes of emotional dysregulation with accompanying behavioral disruptiveness. The findings indicated a statistically significant relationship between the degree of change from phase to phase and the treatment.

Iglesias, Alex
Iglesias, Adam
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OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this work was to determine the rates and predictors of custody status for children of HIV-infected parents. PARTICIPANTS AND METHODS: Data came from interviews of 538 parents with 1017 children (0-17 years old) from a nationally representative sample of HIV-infected adults receiving health care in the United States. Outcomes were collected at 2 survey waves and included child custody status and who, other than the HIV-infected parent, had custody of the child.

Cowgill, Burton O.
Beckett, Megan K.
Corona, Rosalie
Elliott, Marc N.
Zhou, Annie J.
Schuster, Mark A.
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