Citric Acid

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BACKGROUND: Chronic cough is common, and medical treatment can be ineffective. Mindfulness is a psychological intervention that aims to teach moment-to-moment non-judgemental awareness of thoughts, feelings and sensations. METHOD: 30 healthy subjects and 30 patients with chronic cough were studied in two sequential trials.

Young, E. C.
Brammer, C.
Owen, E.
Brown, N.
Lowe, J.
Johnson, C.
Calam, R.
Jones, S.
Woodcock, A.
Smith, J. A.
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Chitosan and alkalinizing agents can decrease morbidity and mortality in humans with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Whether this holds true in dog is not known. Objective of the study was to determine whether a commercial dietary supplement containing chitosan, phosphate binders, and alkalinizing agents (Renal), compared to placebo, reduces mortality rate due to uremic crises in dogs with spontaneous CKD, fed a renal diet (RD). A masked RCCT was performed including 31 azotemic dogs with spontaneous CKD.

Zatelli, Andrea
Pierantozzi, Marco
D'Ippolito, Paola
Bigliati, Mauro
Zini, Eric
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The Biochemical Journal

Indy is a gene in Drosophila melanogaster which, when made dysfunctional, leads to an extension of the average adult life span of the organism. The present study was undertaken to clone the Indy gene-product and to establish its functional identity. We isolated a full-length Indy cDNA from a D. melanogaster cDNA library. The cDNA codes for a protein of 572 amino acids [( Drosophila Indy (drIndy)]. In its amino acid sequence, drIndy exhibits comparable similarity to the two known Na(+)-coupled dicarboxylate transporters in mammals; namely, NaDC1 (35% identity) and NaDC3 (34% identity).

Inoue, Katsuhisa
Fei, You-Jun
Huang, Wei
Zhuang, Lina
Chen, Zhong
Ganapathy, Vadivel
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