Computer Communication Networks

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Acta Cytologica

ISSUES: Optical digital imaging and its related technologies have applications in cytopathology that encompass training and education, image analysis, diagnosis, report documentation and archiving, and telecommunications. Telecytology involves the use of telecommunications to transmit cytology images for the purposes of diagnosis, consultation or education.

O'Brien, M. J.
Takahashi, M.
Brugal, G.
Christen, H.
Gahm, T.
Goodell, R. M.
Karakitsos, P.
Knesel, E. A.
Kobler, T.
Kyrkou, K. A.
Labbe, S.
Long, E. L.
Mango, L. J.
McGoogan, E.
Oberholzer, M.
Reith, A.
Winkler, C.
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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

OBJECTIVE: Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a scientific discipline, which develops the related theories from the long-term clinical practices. The large-scale clinical data are the core empirical knowledge source for TCM research. This paper introduces a clinical data warehouse (CDW) system, which incorporates the structured electronic medical record (SEMR) data for medical knowledge discovery and TCM clinical decision support (CDS).

Zhou, Xuezhong
Chen, Shibo
Liu, Baoyan
Zhang, Runsun
Wang, Yinghui
Li, Ping
Guo, Yufeng
Zhang, Hua
Gao, Zhuye
Yan, Xiufeng
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Proceedings. Biological Sciences

We investigated whether names in common promote altruistic behaviour, predicting that this would be especially so for relatively uncommon names, for surnames (which are better kinship cues than first names), and among women (who, although less willing than men to help strangers, according to prior research, are also the primary "kin keepers"). We solicited help from 2960 email addressees, with the request ostensibly coming from a same-sex person sharing both, either, or neither of the addressee's first and last names.

Oates, Kerris
Wilson, Margo
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Studies in Health Technology and Informatics

Distributed systems and grid computing systems are used to connect several computers to obtain a higher level of performance, in order to solve a problem. During the last decade, projects use the World Wide Web to aggregate individuals' CPU power for research purposes. This paper presents the existing active large scale distributed and grid computing projects with research focus in human health. There have been found and presented 11 active projects with more than 2000 Processing Units (PUs) each.

Diomidous, Marianna
Zikos, Dimitrios
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Computers in Nursing

The benefits of cancer support groups (CSGs) have been well documented. Recently, several nontraditional CSGs have been used, including Internet CSGs (ICSGs). The purpose of this study was to describe categories or themes of information shared on an Internet cancer support group (ICSG), determine how many people used the list, and how frequently they posted on it.

Klemm, P.
Reppert, K.
Visich, L.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Clinical Engineering

We have developed a computer-based learning module which uses three-dimensional animation sequences to enhance the acquisition of physical concepts and skills necessary for clinical evaluation and treatment of the cervical spine.

Hallgren, R. C.
Gorbis, S.
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MCN. The American journal of maternal child nursing

As the 21st century approaches, nurses must be prepared to offer new treatment methods when caring for children. The purpose of this article is to familiarize nurses with human caring theory and complementary and alternative medicine, and to offer a practical way of integrating these methods into nursing care. Nurses can learn to choose simple, conservative, noninvasive, nonintrusive healing methods that are met with little resistance by other health care professionals.

Ward, S. L.
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